• 8 Ways to WOW Your Clients with Great Customer Service Every Time

    Customer Service

    Customer service extends far beyond the realm of retail and technical support. As an attorney, it is especially important to provide upstanding service to all clients in order to build strong, long-lasting relationships. Your clients are relying on you for legal expertise, but the relationships you build with them through great customer service is what’s going to keep them using your legal skills, and maybe even recommending you through word-of-mouth to grow your clientele. By abiding by a few simple practices, you can increase your credibility as a compassionate attorney that makes the priorities of his/her clients of the utmost importance.

    Be Attentive:

    We all want the best possible service when conducting any sort of business with an associate or entrepreneur, but when it comes to legal matters, it is especially important to listen to the needs of your client. Take the time to fully understand each and every client’s particular situation. This helps two-fold, as it emits trustability in your expertise and also allows you to provide the best quality legal services by knowing your client’s matters more intimately.

    Be Tenacious:

    Showing your clients that you’re tenacious with a high work ethic lets them know that they entrusted their legal case with the right attorney. Those who may be vulnerable during a lengthy legal process will want to know their lawyer will do what is required for their case with enthusiasm.

    Ability to Deliver Bad News:

    No one wants to receive bad news, but if you have to give your client bad news regarding their case, find a way to deliver it in a more positive and personal manner. Positive language can go a long way towards framing a negative into something that might not be positive, but is a little more palatable. Delivering bad news in a negative manner will almost always solidify that a client will not inquire about your services in the future.

    ‘Yes’ is Powerful:

    Being able to say yes to your client after having to say no is a powerful thing. This can be especially helpful when you’ve had to deliver bad news.  Look for other ways that you can help the client to let them know that you weren’t able to provide an ideal outcome, but will do whatever you can to ease the blow of the situation.

    Great Treatment:

    If you have staff, such as a receptionist or legal assistant, you’ll want to also offer fair treatment to your staff.  The service they offer also reflects upon you, so keep your staff happy!

    Long-term Commitment:

    When approaching a client, it’s important to remember that the case they are presenting you with may be just a small portion of your day and may be resolved relatively quickly, but offering attentive service is working to create a lifelong relationship. Treat every single client as if their interaction with you is your highest priority for the day.

    Know Your Clients:

    Every individual and every case is different, so personalize your service to adapt to everyone’s specific needs.  Sending out holiday or birthday cards is also a great way to make clients remember the services you provided and help keep you fresh in their mind for future legal consideration.

    Get Feedback:

    As an attorney, you’re not too important for feedback.  Learn what your clients appreciate most about your legal approaches and what they disliked when it comes to things that you can improve upon.

    A satisfied client is likely to tell about three other people about how wonderful your legal service was to them, but an unsatisfied client is likely to shout from the rooftops about how bad their interaction was with you. In the legal world, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time, but going the extra mile when plausible can improve your odds for client satisfaction and retention. When in doubt, STAY ENCHANTING!

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