• Why Facebook Fans are More Valuable than Ever to Law Firms.

    Facebook is currently beta testing its Graph Search, which will allow users of the social media giant to search public information of their friends and friends-friends. This Graph Search essentially will be a powerful search engine that will not only have the capabilities to search text, but photos and videos as well.

    Years of data will be searchable, and graph search will likely raise some eyebrows from those who didn’t recognize how visible their information is. It will also provide increased opportunities for marketers and for law firms looking to expand their reach. Let’s take a closer look at Facebook’s Graph Search and why it will be significant to your law practice.

    The Nuts and Bolts of Graph Search

    Graph Search will allow users to search using a number of criteria. Of course, there will be the basic searches by name, age and city, but Graph Search will also offer some more intriguing choices. You will be able to search by employer, education, photos and videos, and even through relationships.

    Graph Search even goes deeper in letting you search “likes” and “following,” essentially giving you further insight into the mindset of users.

    Graph Search will give you the ability to not just find people, but find out where they’ve lived, activities they are into, languages they speak, groups they are involved in, places they have worked, and even photos and videos they are in.

    Gearing up for Graph Search

    Several things are becoming apparent with Facebook. Facebook is no longer satisfied with being a social media. It wants to be the world’s homepage. That means providing the capabilities of a powerful search engine. Graph Search will be that engine.

    This search will heavily focus on three areas:

    • Local searches
    • Your “About” page
    • Photos

    why facebook fans are more valuable than ever to law firms facebook page profile
    why facebook fans are more valuable than ever to law firms facebook search results
    Like Google and Bing, Facebook’s Graph Search will place importance to your physical location or locations. It will anticipate that if someone in Los Angeles is looking for an attorney, they will likely want a Los Angeles attorney.
    You can gear up for Graph Search by getting your about page in order. Make sure you have as much pertinent information as possible, and that it clearly states your areas of specialty. Take time to consider your key search words and include them in your description, but don’t include them randomly. It is likely Graph Search will have some sort of Google type Panda and Penguin algorithm that will punish those trying to game the system for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

    Make sure you include photos and tag them. Make sure you use your name in the tags and those of your co-workers. It will probably be helpful if you also tag the location of the photo. Of course, as usual, you will want to stay engaged with any comments on your page or comments made to photos.


    There are two major areas to consider. The first is how searchable is your page for those who will be using Graph Search, and the other is will YOU be ready to use it?

    Graph Search will be used to search two layers of social circles. That means for every friend your page gets, you will be adding two layers of Graph Search capabilities. This should stress to you the importance of gaining new fans.
    Facebook appears to be in a very aggressive mode, with the debut of the Facebook phone, their apparent focus on mobile applications, and the beta testing of Graph Search. Whether they will succeed in becoming the world’s home page is yet to be determined but it certainly can only help your practice be prepared.

    Resources: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

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