Remember the last time you opened an envelop that contained a hand-written note from your service provider? When was the last time you sent a welcome card to a new client? We discuss the importance of welcome cards.
  • When Was the Last Time You Sent a Welcome Card to a New Client?

    Remember the last time you opened an envelop that contained a hand-written note from your service provider? Were you amazed that somebody cared to support our collapsing postal service, or are you completely drawing a blank? In the age of social media, where we rely on wall posts and 140 characters to communicate with followers, and Instagram and Vine to share visual expressions, who has the time and will to create a paper-made card? I, for once, was neither a believer in sending anything by mail. However, all that has changed recently.

    Lately our family welcomed a new kitten, Cleo. This new addition is a cutie. Since we never had a cat before, everything has been a learning curve – from getting food to finding a veterinarian.  Just like lawyers, vets are service providers as well; therefore, finding a well-suited one may be a challenge. Thankfully, a referral has made our seeking much easier.

    My realization of the significance of welcome cards was sparked by my wife’s visit to the vet’s office. As she described, the minute she entered the clinic, it was not only the sense of warmth and confidence showering her that reinforced her new-client experience; it was also the never-failing smile and the magical compliment she collected from the receptionist. That was certainly a good start.

    Surprisingly, a few days after the visit, we received the following card in the mail:

    front(The front of the card)

    inside(And what’s inside)

    The message was loud and clear: Welcome to our practice, we enjoyed meeting you!

    Most lawyers who send a thank-you card to a new client write something along the lines of “Thanks for the business. We look forward to working with you.” That makes us appear profit-oriented and hinders us from demonstrating our true intention – helping the client. Nurturing our relationship with the client should always be our message on the card. The long-forgotten feel of a tangible and beautifully-crafted welcome card can help us deliver our gratitude and genuineness effortlessly. Welcome the client to the practice, and make them FEEL it. But really feel it, literally.

    Never pay tribute to the productivity, only the activity.

    If you do apply the personal touch of mailing a card, use a nice card. Something unique that is too good that the client will almost want to frame it and put it up on a wall. There are many services that are able to create a photograph-like card, or something artistic, with a meaningful quote. You do not wish for the card to end up in the trash after going through the trouble of posting it. Make it special so the client will keep it, at least during the course of his or her case. This gesture will make them feel connected to you, and validate their decision to have chosen you to work with.

    The picture below comes from a great resource for cards that will less likely be burnt after reading, and their impact will guarantee a shelf life for your textualized sincerity:

    card(A welcome card canvas from

    Enchanting lawyers send welcome cards. The benefits are self-explanatory: Not only will you be perceived as a thoughtful and professional lawyer, the client, who just retained you, will also have a much more pleasant experience. Consequently and hopefully, more prospective clients by referrals are coming your way even before the current case is completed. That is how you can practice better with a little bit of help from an enchanting welcome card!

    When was the last time you sent a welcome card to a new client?

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