• What’s App Business Review: Key Uses for your Law Practice

    Did you know that the Whats App Business has over five million businesses using it? Well, that’s a fact according to an announcement that WhatsApp made in January of this year. Since its launch in 2018, the specialized business version of the app has received positive buzz, and businesses globally have moved into using the business messaging app. 

    This is with good reason. In this digital age, consumers want to interact directly with companies through texts, chats, tweets, and posts. Messaging apps like WhatsApp have become the to-go-for communication channel for businesses.

    Who is WhatsApp Business designed for? The application was developed to help all types of businesses connect with their customers. Law firms, in particular, are an industry that can use WhatsApp in their practice.

    Key Uses of WhatsApp for Law Practice

    What makes WhatsApp Business different from the standard WhatsApp?  That’s a great question! The basic difference is that WhatsApp Business has several features that are designed to make it easy for customers to find and communicate with companies.  Some of the features that are available for law firms to use include away message and quick replies, which are used to answer common questions. Labels are also used to organize chats and contacts with labels, as the name suggests. The other unique feature is chat list filtering that will help the law firms sort chats into categories of unread messages, broadcast lists, or groups.

    Below is the Business Settings setup area where these items are adjusted and completed.

    Here’s How WhatsApp Business can be Instrumental in your Law Practice

    1. Business Discovery 

    WhatsApp Business app has a business profile option, which allows you to provide your customers with the information they need. This includes the location of your business, the address, opening hours, and the kind of legal services that your firm offers. Through that, your firm will have a complete profile, earn credibility, and you can easily link to it from your website and other social media accounts.

    By sharing your WhatsApp Business link on your social networks, you will be able to attract potential customers. You can also use the Click to Chat feature to help potential customers to quickly and easily start a chat with your firm as shown.

    2. Promotion via Facebook Ads

    In case you were not aware, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.  The social media giant purchased WhatsApp a few years ago and one of the benefits of this is the integration of WhatsApp with Facebook Ads.  Law practices can use all of the sophisticated Facebook Ads Manager targeting options to reach the perfect potential client audience and then have WhatsApp be the landing destination if the user clicks on the ad.  This is a great way to find and reach more of your ideal client base and connect with them then on WhatsApp Business.

    whatsapp business facebook ad
    Example of Facebook Ad with WhatsApp “Send Message” destination

    3. Communication

     The array of unique messaging tools that WhatsApp Business comes with helps you connect in a fast and personal way with your customers. Make quick replies and setup standard answers to respond promptly to common questions. 

    Greeting messages will also help you set a good tone for the relationship with your clients and create a warm and professional business environment. The other crucial messaging feature is the “away reply” that notifies your client when you are not available at the moment. 70 percent of consumers will opt for a company that offers excellent customer support. Communicating with your clients through a newer, practical and commonly used communication method is key to excellent customer service.  By being where your customers are and using the tool that they use, you can get an advantage over older, slower, and less innovative firms.

    4. Measurement of Metrics

    WhatsApp Business has a “statistics” feature that will help your firm get insight into useful customer data. You will get data on metrics such as the messages that have been read by your clients and the ones that you send out to them within specific periods. It will help you to gauge the effectiveness of the customer engagement strategy that your law firm has in place.

    What Benefits Does WhatsApp Business Bring Your Law Firm?

    WhatsApp Business is being used globally. If you are representing clients who travel abroad regularly, the app makes it easy to engage them from any part of the world and keep them updated on their proceedings.  Sharing appointment reminders with your clients has also been made a lot easier thanks to WhatsApp Business group chats.

    Successful businesses like Netflix are using WhatsApp Business to create a connection and engage their customers. Join the growing arena of innovative forward-thinking businesses and use the messaging app for your law practice to have direct interaction and real conversations with your existing and potential customers.


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