• Does Your Website Have What it Takes?

    Has the internet marketing buzz turned into a roar? If you’re constantly chasing the “next big thing” online, it can seem impossible to keep up. You may feel like you could hire ten people and there would still be more work to do. But there’s good news: You don’t have to be at the razor’s edge of technology to have a great site and to get great results. Here’s a short list of simple tasks that will deliver big results… without taking up all of your time.
    Yes, you can still have a life.

    1) Go mobile. Test your site on mobile platforms and stay abreast of mobile technology. Mobile usage is now about half of Internet usage. If your business is local, that number could be even higher. Making your site usable on mobile devices is critical and will yield a huge payoff in terms of increased business. As of April 21 Google will penalize your website.

    Look into using a “responsive” design on your site, which means it can be read on anything from a cell phone to a desktop. If your site uses WordPress, then there are several plugins like WPTouch that can create a mobile version of your site in a snap. If you’re not WordPress-based, then consider making mobile versions of the two to three most important pages on your site. Add more pages as you can. As of April 21 Google will penalize your website in a search if it is not mobile responsive. Use this link to see if you may need to upgrade your site and if it passes Google’s test.


    2) Get social. Then get more social. Whether you like it or not, you’ve got to have at least a toehold in social media. Aim for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for starters. Add LinkedIn if your business is B2B. Add Pinterest if you have infographics or beautiful photos. Social media doesn’t need to be a marketing sinkhole: You can update your social media properties in less than an hour a week or less. Your posts don’t need to be much more than a couple of sentences.

    Social Media Connections

    3) Get local. Got a listing on Yelp yet? If not, that’s the first thing to do. Then work your way through all the local business directories one at a time. Twenty minutes a week is enough to see a difference.

    4) Just give ’em the FAQs. Update your FAQ (Frequently-Asked-Questions) page. This can save your staff a lot of time. Find out what the ten most common questions are when people call. Answer those questions in your FAQs. Give detailed answers. If there are forms involved or pricing tables, add a link to them in the answer. Voila: You’ve just saved your staff several hours a week of answering the same questions over and over and over again.

    5) Blog. Blog harder. Whether you use it to educate your clients and customers or to tell your story– or just to get more free traffic– a blog has endless benefits. Post at least once a week, and twice if you can. Put some personality into your posts and watch your followers rise.


    6) Get some love. You can never have enough testimonials. Always ask for a testimonial when you’ve gone the extra mile for someone. Try to get video testimonials, even if they are shot with a cell phone in a noisy store. Audio testimonials are the next best thing, but written testimonials are still good. Let your clients or customers know you’ll be posting their testimonials, and them put them up on your site. When you’ve got more than five, create a page just for your testimonials.


    That’s enough to keep your site current and– most importantly– useful for your visitors. Let your competition chase the next big thing while you focus on giving your visitors what they want. Ultimately, the entire Internet is just about helping people do things. If you focus on that, the technology changes won’t get out of hand.

    Do you receive most of your inquiries through your blog posts, desktop site or mobile site? One person’s weakness in online marketing could be another person’s strength, so let’s begin a discussion in the box below to enhance each others online presence!

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