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    • The value of Facebook for Lawyers today
    • Tips for creating a social media calendar
    • How to build a Facebook page that converts
    • Best practices for writing posts for engagement
    • The use of location check ins and reviews to increase reach


    Enchanting Lawyer is watching closely and bringing you all of the up-to-the-minute news in our live blog. Are you ready? Here we go!

    11:00am – Jacob introduces himself. He established his law firm back in 2004 and started his first blog in 2005, a cheap way to market the firm. He started using video marketing and social media in late 2009.

    11:05am – The interesting thing about Facebook is you can get not just normal clients, but quality clients. He stopped doing everything else, but focus on Facebook.

    11:07am – A lot of people are starting to learn about social media, which is a good thing. You have to know who your target audience is. Understanding Key Words. The most important thing about Facebook is how to convert your followers to value.


    11:09am – Graph Search, a way to understand your target audience so you can start building your community of people from local businesses for you to engage with. You can give them the content, consistent content, different solutions to their needs. Facebook Ads to focus on people in different cities, with different interests.


    11:13am – Networking is an online tool, when used effectively to get referrals. Keywords are important when you build your Facebook page, location words, for people to find on Google. So you will not miss an opportunity to be found on Google. What are the things people are looking for and let them find you. Pictures can optimize the key words. We post pictures with ourselves, we enrich them with links and key words. Albums are effective reach. Events’ pictures and tagging are helpful.

    11:18am – In our practice, we come up on the first page on Google when you search “immigration” but we need to do more. You will be ahead of the game when optimized. It will be a huge advantage. A lot of people get frustrated when they do not see results.


    11:21am – Look at your competitors. But if you provide quality content, people will follow you. What kind of content do people share? That’s why it’s not working for a lot of attorneys because they do not have strategies or structure.


    11:23am – On Facebook, people want to connect with people whom they trust, unlike networking events. You have to personal and professional, with a voice that appeals to your audience. Our law firm never acts like a law firm on Facebook. It’s just a matter of time before you create your own community.

    11:26am – A reporter has been following for months and she reached out to me and gave me a nation news opportunity.


    11:28am – Marketing for attorneys is the same.


    11:29am – Your page creates social proof – complete your page.


    11:31am – A lot of people do not have tabs on their page. The News tab can be customized to bring in the newsfeed, generated from Google, to get more likes and traffic. (To read more, read my previous blog on How Facebook Apps Help Your Business Grow)

    11:34am – Getting your own URL to help with your branding. Do it now! Things to consider before you launch your page, make sure you plan your content and pictures are royalty-free. Print your Facebook logo on your business cards, encourage your clients to “check in”.


    11:37am – Don’t let your page be dead.  Don’t just link it to your blog or website. Use Google Alerts. Every time someone talks about you, your firm, it will send you an alert.

    11:40am – You have to be involved. If you offer a free consultation or donate to a charity, respond to people and be visible. Be responsive to your followers, especially the most frequent followers. Unlike anything else out here, the things you get from Facebook, once your community is built, you have to be patient, be consistent, your proprietary audience will make it worth it. Anything that provides value will keep the community together.

    11:43am – We had a client who followed our page for 6 months and felt we cared about them, he referred business to us.


    1. Marcus: What if you ave a small practice which limits your reach on Facebook?

    Jacob: Ii would focus on building a story. We help people with legal issues. Someone will read a bio, they will be more attracted to the story of this attorney. In your bio story, include the key words, as opposed to being in the long list of services you provide.

    2. How to opitimize pictures on  Facebook?

    Jacob: When you post a picture, there is a way to edit on the right side. You click on “edit” you can change the location, where you can put in a description.

    3. How can we tell if the competitor’s page is getting good traffic?

    Jacob: You go on your page, graph search, you type in “community that likes NY’s divorce attorneys” and see what they like, how often they post, what exactly they post. If they get engagement, you want to post about the same topic.

    4: I have a practice for bankruptcy, what type of person who would like my page?

    Jacob: Instead of looking for people who need your service, what are the ages, potential people who have that issue. You want to target the people who have the potential who may go through, such as people who have a medical issue or who are going through a divorce. I don’t talk about immigrant on my page. People already know what I do.

    5. Should you put the content on your blog on your page?

    Jacob: if you post a snippet of your blog, it’s not duplicate. A lot of people automate their page. Just put a summary and a link. People will be attracted to be image and click on the link.

    6. How much time do I need to manage Facebook?

    Jacob: It’s all psychological. You create a strategy on Friday, use SproutSocial to schedule your posts for next week. Look for an intern. In the beginning, you are the face.

    7. What social media tools do you use to implement?

    Jacob: We use Hootsuite, TweetDeck. Custom tab like SpeakPipe to get voicemails from followers.

    8. Client-Attorney Privilege? Use disclaimer?

    Jacob: Don’t answer on the page. Ask people to email you. Chat is effective to get exposure in a viral way.


    Jacob: Facebook is just a platform but people who have connected with you over the years will still be there. Whatever you put on Facebook, they can take away, but not the people you have a connection with you. If Facebook goes away in 5 years, referrals will follow you wherever you are.

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