• Visually Build Your Brand: Getting Started on Instagram


    Instagram is the go-to social media site for all things photography-related. Here the posts consist of user-edited photos while commenting, and likes are the extent of social commentary. However, there is the ability to use hashtags and the @ symbol in the comment section so to link up to similar content, businesses and other Instagrammers. Here is where you can build your brand as an attorney via social media.

    Take these tips with you as you navigate the possibilities of Instagram.

    Step 1: Getting Started on Instagram

    The best way to succeed on Instagram is to follow a few basic rules as you establish your account.

    • First things first, while there are desktop and app versions of Instagram, the app is the way to go. You’ll want to have all of accessibility of Instagram, aka the ability to keep up with followers’ posts and comments, which is best achieved through your mobile device.
    • Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose a professional yet recognizable username. Your username should include the word ‘attorney’ for best results in searches. However, if you have a brand name, that should be utilized in your username. If your name is already in use, think outside the box rather than adding a ‘2’ or the like, as your followers may confuse your profile with the other you.
    • In your user profile, take the time to create a professional, concise and eye-catching bio for your business. Include your location for localized searches so that your company will benefit from followers in your area who may be interested in your services.
    • Add your attorney business logo to the image page, rather than your personal portrait. Note that you can only add or update a profile image with the Instagram app, so consider importing your logo using another social media profile, such as your Twitter or Facebook page.


    Step 2: Building Your Instagram Page

    Marketing using Instagram involves making lasting impressions and connections. You can do this in two ways—by attracting followers who are potential customers, and by posting content that is quality and shareable.

    • Start by telling a story with your Instagram images, i.e. visual storytelling. Follow a historical court case from its inception to resolution using quality pictures, or detail the daily life of you as an attorney in the office. The goals are to create content that makes viewers want to follow your page, and to connect on a personal level with viewers.
    • Hire a professional to serve as your Instagram photographer, unless you have the artistic skill to capture off-beat images that are expertly edited. Instagram is all about the image, and if you present vanilla, low-quality photos, then your potential clients are going to translate that into your brand image. Keep in mind, the quality of some smart phone technology can be a huge asset in telling your visual story as well.
    • Create a list of up to 30 hashtags that will best serve your business, i.e. “attorney,” your city name, the type of law you practice, and words associated with client interests. Use these hashtags when appropriate for your images to create a group, which other posters can hashtag to, as well, to help build your audience.
    • Connect with your target audience by searching for the most popular hashtags in your attorney-related industry. Find their photos, and ask them if you can share their photo on your feed. Make sure to give the owner credit, as you reap the benefits of user generated content, a highly prized choice for the millennial demographic.
    • As with any social media, make sure to follow your followers to help build your network. However, scan the follower’s profile beforehand to ensure they aren’t spammy, i.e. they have zero followers and are following 100,000 people, or they are nearly naked in their images.
    • Connect with your followers by commenting and liking their photos, also to replying to comments posted on your Instagram photos. It is all about the social connections made using this form of media.

    The hardest part is getting started.  Sue Zimmerman aka #InstagramExpert has built a business on Instagram and has become a leading expert on this visual site. I recently asked Sue what her thoughts were about what was the most important thing to remember when getting started. She shared, You should never ask for a follower you should earn it by giving value in every post”. To learn more about Sue and her awesomeness, listen to our podcast, here.Providing value is an important element in social media. The value you can portray in a visual will help your audience relate and connect with you and your practice online. 

    InstaExpert: Sue Zimmerman


    Take baby steps, create a personal account and test drive Instagram! Take pictures and share your story, once you become comfortable create a new account for your practice. Get your team involved and let your visual story do the rest!

    Connect with me on Instagram! I would love to see what you are doing and learn more about you and your practice. Having trouble? Or have a question? Please ask in the comments below or private message me on Instagram 🙂 Thanks for reading! Until next time Stay Enchanting!

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