• The Video Era of Facebook: New Improved Tools to Get Noticed

    Video era of FacebookAccording to recent research by Facebook and the Nelson group, using video for marketing purposes enhances your business in a variety of ways. From building brand awareness to boosting consumer intent to purchase, video actively influences those who encounter it.

    Harness the power of video from the point of creation by taking the time to make compelling and professional clips that get your point across in an easily digested way. Video works best if your followers and potential clients actually take the time to watch it and find value in it. The best video in the world won’t help, though if it is tough to find or is co-opted and shared by other users. The latest Facebook tools make it easy to share your best work with your visitors.

    Video is an essential part of any marketing plan, and Facebook has been making a concentrated effort to make it easy for users to upload and share their video content. While YouTube has long been the destination of choice for video content – with users embedding that content on other sites – the latest tools seek to bypass YouTube entirely. While the goal of these new tools is to cut the power of YouTube and make Facebook users less reliant on the video site, the tools also make it very easy to upload, protect and distribute.

    New Facebook Video Tools

    The social media giant has recently added new tools that give users more control over video and the content they post and share. Faced with heavy competition from YouTube, Facebook’s efforts in 2015 have focused on video, these new tools offer different ways to upload, display and protect your content.

    Direct Uploading

    The ability to upload a video to your own feed allows you to claim ownership to your work and to display it in your timeline immediately without using a third party for hosting. Once you post your video, the date stamp clearly reflects when the piece was made and your ownership. In the past, it was easy for lazy and unscrupulous competitors to simply use your videos for their own marketing purposes.

    Enhanced and User-Friendly Uploads

    Facebook has taken a page from competitor YouTube and made the upload process simpler and less overwhelming. With the latest tools, publishing your video is as easy as posting a photograph, cutting both the time and technical skill needed to share video.

    Improved Distribution Options

    Your creative and compelling content won’t matter if no one sees it. The latest Facebook tools make it easy to share, track and distribute your videos. From keeping some videos secret or posting them for viewing by direct link only to the ability to restrict posting and prevent others from sharing your content on a third party site.

    Video era of Facebook

    Using Facebook’s New Tools to Enhance Your Marketing

    It’s no secret that video attracts attention and is one of the easiest ways to engage with your followers. Creating shareable content that actually serves a purpose increases the likelihood that your followers will keep coming back for more. Fromm instructional videos that outline particular laws or customs in your practice area to informational pieces that provide viewers with the latest news and trends your clients need to know, video provides a compelling way to get your point across.

    Videos you share give you a way to be seen a person, not just a faceless law firm, and makes your viewers feel like they know you. When one of your viewers need legal expertise, they are more likely to turn to someone they already know and trust; video content allows you to position yourself as an expert and as someone to come to with problems.

    Using video to inform, instruct and to provide useful content to your followers is an essential component of an enchanting website and marketing plan. Are you branching out into the video era of Facebook yet, or are you still convinced that YouTube is the better avenue for your video marketing efforts?  Please feel free to connect with me with any further inquiries you may have regarding how you are, or should be using videos to gain recognition. And as always, thank you for reading!

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