• VIDEO: 2014 Social Media Trends

    So much has changed this year: Iran has gotten sanctions relief; more and more states have legalized same-sex marriage; Snapchat supposedly turned down $3 billion; our government was temporarily shut down for 16 days. Anything could happen – this is especially true in the social media world, where the waves are changing every second. I have gathered information and predictions from various sources to give you a forecast of the future. The 2014 Social Media Trends video does not limit itself to only helping lawyers, but for all industries that will be here to witness the day where investment in social media transforms from a luxury to a necessity. Therefore, invest in building your own proprietary audience and customers in 2014, a year where podcasts and YouTube shows will rule – indicating a chance for you to build an exclusive audience that is stronger than the economy.


    – Almost all marketers consider things like webinars, eBooks to be very effective marketing tools, but less than half of them actually utilize them. 

    – According to Chris Brogan, “We need all three elements: great content, the tools and desire to nurture a community who loves that content, and the potential for a community-focused marketplace.”

    – Facebook will remain as the most powerful social networking site for marketers and investors, while Google+ will come on with a more astounding impact. 

    – Storytelling rules; video storytelling rules; more importantly, the shorter, the better.


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