• Using Video To Bring Attention to Your Practice on Social Media

    New Year, new predictions for business – while just about every business, marketing , social media and search engine authority has produced a list of predicted trends for 2015, one item remains constant – the power of visual images and videos. From using a video to attract prospects to your landing page to creating informational and entertaining visuals that convert browsers into buyers, experts predict that 2015 will be the year of visual content.

    Social Media and Video: Experts at Social Media Examiner rank video as their number one focus for social media in 2015 and beyond, as followers continue to embrace quick, easy and relevant visual content. Facebook is the rising star of social video shares, according to the Examiner, though YouTube remains the most watched video site across all devices. This explosion in social media creates a wonderful opportunity for building a following as consumers search for relevant and engaging content on a consistent basis.

    Video is more accessible than ever: Mobile marketing continues to have a strong outlook in 2015 and beyond. Thanks to the smartphones, tablets and other media owned and carried by your target client, your video message is instantly accessible and available even when reading text or scrolling through a website is not an option. Video allows you to instantly get your message to clients when they need you most – a definite plus for those in the criminal, family or personal injury fields.
    Visuals and videos engage clients fast: Profiles with a photo get more clicks and more attention than those without, according to experts at social media networking giant LinkedIn. Video takes this concept a step further and allows you to not only grab attention, but also being engaging and building trust with your potential clients the very first time they visit. Think about the last time you searched for a product or service – which site grabbed you attention first – the one with the static, boring image or the one with dynamic and useful video content?

    Video makes a connection: Your message, your words and your personality shine through in a carefully produced video. Whether you are welcoming new clients and explaining your business or expanding and informing readers about a complex topic, visitor feel like they’ve met you before they step foot into your office. Video also helps establish you as a trusted expert in your field, and unlike written content, can’t easily be stolen, rebranded and reused by another website.

    Video Marketing

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    Stand out from the crowd: Not many attorneys are making the jump to social media – and even fewer are exploring video, so you will stand out in a crowded marketplace. When clients search your location for your area of practice, your video can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and make clients feel comfortable seeking you out. Early adopters of video have the opportunity to build a brand and a following without much competition, as video is still relatively new for those marketing legal services.

    Multiple uses for a single session: By compiling a few basic videos and pulling together a library you have a valuable resource to refer clients and potential clients to. While a layperson can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of written information that is available to them, a video Q&A or single topic explanation offers clear and comprehensive answers at the touch of a button. While video is invaluable for client information and comfort, using video to promote your services on social media sites, via traditional and trade media and as part of your CV brings value to your work and can increase your career possibilities as well.

    Video helps you climb to the top: Every attorney wants to wn the most valuable property Google has to offer – the first page. Recent updates to algorithms give greater weight to SEO optimized video content. Simply having video on your site and linking to your site can boost your SERP ranking, improve your click through rates and cut your bounce rates as viewers hang around to hear your entire message. Google’s close connection with YouTube also helps your videos rank well, since the videos posted here automatically receives higher search engine rankings.

    You stand out in more ways than one when you choose video to enhance your social media feeds and site – both human readers and search engines give high priority to great visual content. What kind of video have you used for your practice? Have you seen any success? What are some challenges? Leave your comments below….

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