• Are You Using Instagram? 10 Tips For Building Your Brand

    You’ve hopefully jumped on the Facebook bandwagon by now, but have you implemented an Instagram marketing plan? It’s through this widely-used social media platform that you can greatly expand the awareness of your law practice.

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    Here’s a quick look at the top 10 ways you need to be using Instagram.

    1) Show Your Followers Who You Support
    Instagram is the perfect place to make postings about events you attend involving other businesses. When your followers understand who you are as a business, as well as the businesses that you prefer to partner with, this gives them an inside view of your character, morals and values. Ultimately, this leads to increased customer trust and loyalty.

    2) Keep Your Postings Steady
    Steady and consistent postings, preferably at least once a day, are great for building your brand. Once every other day is ideal, as well, but posting too many times can be too distracting to your customers and turn them away.

    3) Let Clients Share Their Experience
    To build a great brand, you must show that customers love using your service. By letting clients post their experiences with about on your Instagram page, you can easily enhance your brand.

    4) Make it Known That You’re ALL About Business
    Clients want to know that you are professional about your practice. To show them, post pictures of the different events you attend, including training that you attend and seminars you give.

    5) Always Include Your Logo
    No matter the picture being posted, make sure your logo or law firm name is present in it. Don’t let them forget who you are!

    6) Make it Known That You’re Human Too
    If clients think your pratice is being operated by robots, they are likely to steer clear. When you make postings on Instagram that show how you interact on a personal level with others on a daily basis, this reminds them you’re human. Keeping this in mind, photos of your employees with their friends and family isn’t a bad idea.

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    7) Learn to Use Hashtags
    Hashtags are a way of attracting people to your postings who aren’t following you. The more you branch out, the more your brand will grow.

    8) You Need to Stay Relevant
    You should include pictures with captions that show your understanding of your brand and your clients. This will also help in targeting your audience for higher engagement and conversion.

    9) Share, Share, Share!
    The more you share your Instagram postings on other social media accounts, the more traffic you’ll enjoy.

    10) Don’t Forget About Videos
    In addition to pictures, you can also post videos to Instagram. Videos about your services, customer testimonials, and even basic marketing videos are great on Instagram.

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    Instagram is simply one of the many social media platforms that your practice should be implementing into your marketing efforts. The more social media channels your practice becomes proactive on, the more traffic your business and brand will inevitably receive. Creating an online strategy is the first step towards taking full advantage of the endless possibilities that Instagram and all other social media websites can provide for your law firm.

    Do you already have your practice on Instagram or are you just getting started? Follow me @sandiegoimmigrationattorney. Let’s connect! Share in the comments below how you are using Instagram for your firm. Until next time, Stay Enchanting!



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