• Use Custom Audiences on Facebook to Boost Your Law Practice

    Facebook offers effective tools for reaching out to potential clients and staying connected with current clients. The social media site also makes it easier for you to improve advertising on its platform and boost your practice’s marketing. Facebook allows you to create a targeted custom audience that you can use to attract prospective clients more efficiently.

    What are Targeted Custom Audiences?

    A custom Facebook audience offers you a chance to set up Facebook ads that are directly aimed at viewers who have been to your website recently. These ads can motivate viewers to visit your Facebook page and begin following you, or they can be used to promote special events, products or services that you’re offering. With these audiences, you have the ability to advertise your firm to a broader audience made up of those who have already shown an interest in your firm by visiting your website.

    Setting Up Targeted Custom Audiences

    Setting up a targeted custom audience is a straightforward process. Facebook offers a few different ways to create these audiences, including Ads Manager, Power Editor, ad creation and Analytics for Apps. For Ads Manager, Power Editor and ad creation, look for options to create custom audiences. For Analytics for Apps, you can create a custom audience from the Segments section. Keep in mind that you can also set up custom audiences from mobile apps and your firm’s website.

    Using Targeted Custom AudiencesCustom Audiences

    Using these custom audiences provides you with ways to advertise to prospective clients who have visited your website. You can also set up custom audiences that exclude certain viewers, such as current clients if you’re focusing your Facebook marketing on drawing in new clients.

    Benefits of Targeted Custom Audiences

    A targeted custom audience provides important benefits when it comes to marketing your law practice. With these custom audiences, you can target viewers who recently went to your website. With your website content still fresh on their minds, you can use custom audiences to ensure that they see ads that encourage them to follow you on Facebook. Having targeted custom audiences allows you to reach out to a wider range of prospective clients, rather than relying on those who currently subscribe to your website via email or those who are already following you on Facebook.  

    For the step-by-step process on creating your first Facebook custom audience, click here. Once you have begun implementing this new tool towards your firm’s marketing strategies, you’ll further expand your reach to a wider range of prospective clients that you can begin helping and enchanting!

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