• Twitter for your Law Firm: How to Maximize Your Sales Funnel

    The Value of Twitter
    As Twitter continues to grow so does its influence in the business world. Because Twitter is a free social media platform, it can be used as free marketing and advertising for companies who are looking to grow their client base and maximize their sales funnel. Here is some helpful information for attorneys who are trying to grow their internet presence, find new clients, and retain the clients they already have.


    What’s a Hashtag?
    Literally, the hashtag is a number sign. Think the pound sign you hit when calling automated telephone systems on your cell phone. On Twitter, hashtags are used to group subjects so that they can be easily searched and followed. There are two ways to use the hashtag to help foster attention for your firm.
    View which hashtags are trending on Twitter. By incorporating these hashtags in your own tweets, more viewers will be able to see them if they choose to follow that particular hashtag. While you may want to avoid political or religious statements, feel free to engage in conversations about current events that are relevant to your practice. If a free speech violation is trending, for example, feel free to post a link to an interesting article about the 5th amendment using the appropriate, trending hashtag. This can help gain Twitter followers by expanding your presence.


    Hashtags can also be used to help brand your firm. End all of your tweets with a hashtag and your business name so that users can easily access tweets about your firm. Name recognition is half the battle, so practicing this habit can encourage new clients to check out your firm and can help keep you fresh on the mind of clients who may end up needing you again in the future.

    Twitter Engagement

    When finding ways to engage with potential clients through Twitter, be as creative as possible. Think about the kinds of people who might use your service and consider different ways to engage with them through social media.

    • Who are they?
    • What is their demographic?
    • What are their interests?
    • What problems are they encountering?

    The answer to these questions can help determine the direction you end up taking when developing your internet presence.

    • Prizes-People love freebies. Use Twitter to reward the first person to answer a legal trivia question via tweet. Because Twitter is free, you will have some money to spare on gift cards, free consultations, or other prizes that might bring attention to your firm. Don’t forget the hashtag.
    • Legal Advice-People already have the internet at their fingertips, so why not use Twitter to answer simple legal questions for your potential customers. While this may seem counterintuitive, it offers you a chance to forge connections with potential clients who are probably in the market for legal counsel, and because they are getting their answers from your firm, this might make them more likely to come to you for counsel. Offer free question Friday, where Twitter users can pose their tweet-length legal questions to a real-life lawyer or post links to articles that answer some of the more broad questions that people might have about litigation.
    • Get Personal-Post pictures and tweets about different lawyers and employees at your firm. Let different members of your firm post pictures from their childhood, their law school years, their interesting vacations, etc. as this helps put a personal face to the work you’re doing and makes potential clients more likely to put their trust into your firm.


    By using Twitter strategically, your firm can target new clients, forge relationships with current clients, and keep in touch with clients who may end up needing counsel again in the future. Without paying a cent, you have the opportunity to connect with the over two-hundred million people who are registered Twitter users. Connect with me on twitter @visalawyerblog! I would love to follow you and learn more about your practice. Feel free to leave your twitter handle below. Until next time stay enchanting!

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