• EL 027: Tweet Your Way to Success, with the Tweeting Goddess, Samantha Kelly

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    It’s because I was helping people, and people were watching this. People like to see someone that’s helping other people. People just like that. People need it.” – Samantha Kelly, on why she succeeded on Twitter

    Tune in for a DEADLY (an Irish slang for “cool”) podcast interview with the Irish Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly to learn about her successful tweeting strategies, especially how exactly she takes advantage of Twitter and employs it to forge connections. Download today’s Action Guide, filled with useful information and hands-on steps for you to follow.

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    I kind of wanted to build up the [Twitter] following, and build up my knowledge so that I’d be able to teach.” – Samantha Kelly, on her original Twitter goal

    If it weren’t for Twitter, today’s podcast guest, Samantha Kelly, who is from Ireland, and I would have never met! Also, if it weren’t for Twitter, Kelly wouldn’t have made so many connections or published a book! She is known for being a connector on Twitter, who acts as a networking bridge for business owners and entrepreneurs. Social media does emanate this magical beauty.

    If you think of your followers as your own army of marketeers, like they would actually do your marketing for you.” – Samantha Kelly

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 02’38” How Samantha Kelly started on Twitter and how it helped her career
    • 07’23” Why Kelly succeeded on Twitter
    • 11’40” Three things you need to do now on Twitter to up your engagement (Download our Action Guide for further instructions)
    • 13’32” How Kelly measures her tweets and manages her tweeting – Never schedule your tweets!
    • 20’08” How to choose a Twitter handle name
    • 21’48” Hashtags
    • 24’19” Mistakes people make on Twitter – No picture, no bio, repetition, no engagement
    • 28’18” Samantha Kelly’s book “Tweet Your Way to Success
    • 29’11” Kelly’s book recommendation – “Stone Soup” by Bill Liao

    Written Podcast Transcript:

    Jacob:  Hi, this is Jacob Sapochnick with the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. Welcome to our show. Today, I have an international guest on our show. Her name is Samantha Kelly. She is known as the Twitter Goddess in Ireland. I’m very, very excited to have her on the show.

    Samantha is a mom of two beautiful girls. She was a business owner. She started using Twitter as part of her marketing strategy and discovered, to her delight, that she was a bit of a genius, of a wiz.

    Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter as a fantastic marketing tool to show off what you do, what you can do. She won the #Tweetieinspire award on Oct. 2nd. RaboTweetie award as well in Ireland.

    Samantha is the founder of the #IrishBizParty which is an increasingly popular event on Twitter which trends every Wednesday night to 11PM on Twitter. She started it out of frustration one night just for fun and then it took off. She recently wrote a book about her success on Twitter.

    Samantha, I’m very happy and excited that you are on our show. Welcome.

    Samantha:  Hi. Thanks for having me. This is cool.

    Jacob:  I just want to tell our audience that — I want to apologize for the quality of the audio today. Usually we have a better sound because I’m actually recording it form Social Media Day in San Diego. I’m at the event right now and this is really cool because I’m here in San Diego and Samantha is in Ireland and this is Social Media Day.

    Samantha:  Yeah

    Jacob:  What a better guest we can have for somebody who is such a great Twitter user. Samantha, I’m so excited.

    Samantha:  This is exactly what social media is all about; the fact that we connected on Twitter and now we’re doing this interview. It’s just perfect example of what can happen like two people in two totally different countries that would never, ever, ever have met probably.

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