• EL 015: Turning Adversity and Struggle into Great Success – with Wesley Chapman, Son of Dog the Bounty Hunter

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    “Sometimes you feel like you are bleeding even when you are not but you just have to realize that it’s going to be worth it if you stay true to yourself..nothing is gonna stop you.” – Wesley Chapman

    This is just one extraordinary and astonishing story that’s full of tears, blood, tragedy, and successful turnarounds. Once you start playing the podcast, you won’t be able to stop crying, smiling, and cheering as you follow Wesley Chapman’s story.  Here is a partial introduction to what Wesley Chapman’s work and passion from wesleydchapman.com but I highly recommend you listen to the podcast to determine the full complexity of Chapman as a human being for yourself:



    If you happen to be unfamiliar with Wesley Chapman’s biological father, Duane Chapman, a.k.a  Dog the Bounty Hunter, read about his bio here.


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    When I did my homework on Wesley Chapman, I knew I had to ask him about his childhood and its correlation to his success today. His seemingly calm depiction of his childhood will blow you out of the water. Who would have thought, not even the doctors that treated Chapman at that time, a traumatizing childhood filled with abandonment, abuse, and the most catastrophic events could only make the strongest human being stronger.

    In the second half of the podcast, Wesley Chapman touches on how being authentic and humanistic is something marketers must adapt to in the modern business world. He thinks marketing needs to embrace honesty and become more human.

    As a father, Wesley Chapman also addresses parenting. He advises parents to listen to their children and let them be themselves. His parenting philosophy is: “As adults, we really need to be careful as to how much meddling we really do. And really just teach them the basic principles of life, the basic principles of survival and let them make their mistakes.” Whenever you are disappointed in your child, you just have to believe them and have faith.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 00’39” Learn about Wesley’s definition of success
    • 01’48” Wesley’s Childhood and how he reunited with his biological father Dog the Bounty Hunter
    • 08’12” Wesley’s relationship with his grandmother and how it motivated him to start his first business
    • 16’01” Parenting philosophy
    • 24’52” Chapman’s business mind
    • 32’51” How to become more human as a business owner
    • 36’52” Storytelling
    • 39’55” The businesses Chapman is fond of
    • 42’08” Advice for business owners

    “I believe that money grows on trees. You just have to know where the trees are.” – Wesley Chapman

    Wesley Chapman is very passionate about empowering “youth to break the cycle of dysfunction. Bringing hope, understanding, making a choice, taking action and nurturing positive possibilities for youth.” His A HUMAN PROJECT needs your help. Learn more at http://www.ahumanproject.com.

    Can you relate to Chapman’s story in any way? Please leave me a comment below or send me your thoughts at jacob@enchantinglawyer.com. I would really appreciate your feedback and your suggestion on future guests! 

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