• Turn Your Revenue Wheel for Your Practice with YouTube

    While plenty of small business owners have gravitated toward YouTube in recent years, far too many attorneys have overlooked this important marketing opportunity. Uploading videos to YouTube really does have the potential to grow your law firm’s brand and recruit new clients. Yet any old video won’t do the trick. Your YouTube content must have a narrow focus that will appeal to potential clients while simultaneously growing your brand’s exposure. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to use YouTube to help your law practice ramp up business.

    How to get Started

    While it is important to establish a presence on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube’s free video platform is a very valuable tool to market your firm as well as your individual merit as an attorney. A steady stream of video content will enhance your firm’s visibility and its legitimacy. Begin by establishing a YouTube business account. If you don’t have a Google+ page, the creation of your YouTube business account will automatically generate a Google+ page. These two accounts are permanently tied together. While it is possible to use a personal YouTube account for your firm’s videos, it is not advised. Head on over to YouTube, click your image thumbnail in the upper right corner, click the gear icon next to “Creator Studio” and click “create a new channel”. Proceed through YouTube’s tutorial and start brainstorming video content ideas.

    Create Engaging Content

    Don’t view the ability to posts videos to your law firm’s YouTube business channel as strictly an advertising opportunity. Focus on creating content that actually helps solve clients problems and encourages them to contact your office for additional assistance. The key is engagement. Few people will be motivated to reach out to your firm if your videos fail to give them a taste of just how helpful you can be at solving their legal problems. Begin with a relatively short video clip that functions as a trailer for your channel. This should be a video that provides an overarching description of what your firm does, how you can help potential clients and your past successes.

    Upload a Steady Stream of Helpful Content

    If you struggle to come up with content ideas, don’t merely record short marketing clips and upload them every now and then. Your message must hit home with viewers and motivate them to pay for your firm’s unique services. If you ever experience a lull in content, lean on YouTube for assistance. The company offers three distinct social features that are specifically designed to help businesses develop their brands and reach as many prospective clients as possible. Never lose sight of the fact that the most popular YouTube channels are regularly updated with fresh content that truly engages viewers. A continuous stream of video content promotes sharing between prospective clients and expands your viewing audience. This exposure will prove to be central to your firm’s ability to recruit new clients.

    It is imperative that you do not lose sight of the fact that the average human being’s attention span is merely 8 seconds in length. Create short video clips that get right to the point. If you decide to upload webcasts or webinars, break them into small pieces and assemble a playlist. This strategy will help to retain the attention of viewers, many of whom simply want to get a general idea of what your law firm does for locals with legal challenges. Focus on creating rich and diverse content. Each video should provide unique information that addresses specific legal quandaries, firm services, attorney profiles and recent news events in the context of the law.

    Always Include a Call to Action at the end of Each Video

    End each video with a call to action. This serves as a reminder to viewers that your firm’s sole function is to help solve their problems. When crafting your call to action, consider how you would like viewers to respond. Envision an individual with little knowledge of the law searching YouTube or a search engine for legal assistance in your city. Think about the concern and vulnerability that such a person feels. Explain exactly how your firm can help them and provide short examples of how you have helped people in similar situations in the past. Encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, share your videos with others, leave feedback and visit your firm’s website. Finally, provide your contact information at the end of each video so that prospective clients can schedule an appointment to meet with one of your firm’s attorneys.

    Video marketing has become a largely prominent tool in today’s age, so it’s time to strike while the iron is hot! Claim your professional YouTube page and begin expanding your online presence through all avenues. Check out more of my video examples on YouTube for a better understanding of how to brand and expand through visual content. Thanks again for reading!

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