• Tools to Maximize Your Video Marketing

    When making a first impression, it’s most important to put your best face forward. In a digital age where everyone’s attention is being split into many different directions, it’s even more important to stand out. Video marketing can help savvy lawyers do just that.

    The law business can be a terrifying place for many potential clients. Complicated jargon, a saturated market, and legal consequences can set just about anyone on edge; it’s up to you, their potential attorney, to placate their fears and assure them that you have them covered. Lawyers who fail to utilize video marketing will find themselves at a disconnect with their audience, and lose business as a result. Consider the following video marketing tips to promote your business.

    Best Ways to Use Video Marketing

    Basic RGBAs a visual medium, the video (hosted on popular sites such as Youtube and Vimeo) conveys a lot of information efficiently. Body language, verbal inflection, and audio cues are just some of things communicated by video that can’t otherwise be communicated by a blog post.

    Condense otherwise boring or confusing legalese easily through informational videos. Show off your personal side by using your distinct, professional voice. Personal stories, introductions, and service descriptions can educate your viewer while also endearing them to you as a partner.

    Make Your Videos Effective

    There’s no better way to reel in a potential client than to give them content they won’t want to refuse.

    The average video has 10 seconds to catch a viewer’s eye; don’t waste your clients time. Everyone online is constantly inundated with things trying to grab their attention, and people can see past what’s not genuine. In those short 10 seconds, honestly and authoritatively communicate what the video is about. People searching for legal counsel aren’t looking for wacky jingles or clever anecdotes; they want help.

    Explain the video’s message upfront, and then deliver content they cannot refuse or get anywhere else. This builds trust capital.

    Understand Your Audience

    Before creating your video, know who you’re trying to engage. Do some preliminary research as to what that demographic finds most engaging, accrue the relevant keywords, and tailor your video to that audience.

    After your video is published, check your viewership data (if using Youtube, this is called Youtube Insights). When did viewers tab out? What did they click? Were your videos found by the intended audience? If a new audience found them, find out why and determine if you wish to continue courting them.

    Marketing Matters

    The most cost-effective way to go about marketing is to let other people do that for you. And that is done over social media.

    Many fear the complex and strange world of social media; a place filled with “likes,” “retweets” and the occasional “poke.” Engaging with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, however, is vital to expanding one’s audience.

    After making a video, share it on every possible medium. Encourage feedback and user engagement. Integrate social media into your blog posts, and make it so visitors to your website can easily follow you elsewhere. If managed correctly, your clients will bring you new ones.

    Don’t Be Lost, Get Found

    Reach even past social media by getting found in search engines and on Youtube. Remember the keywords mentioned earlier? They’re the “key” to your success.

    Pepper the keywords most relevant to your audience and work into your video’s title, description, and tags. Integrate as many keywords as possible without making the language ugly. Sustained use of the right words will make your video appear more quickly in the appropriate search engines.

    Lawyers missing out on video marketing are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Galvanize your potential clientele like never before with these tips and tools for effective video marketing. Please comment below if you have further tips on maximizing a video marketing presence, or email me at jacob@h1b.biz to discuss your personal video marketing strategy.


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