• Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Ads Strategy for Your Practice


    Facebook advertising makes sense for today’s marketing lawyer, but doing it right requires the right Facebook ads strategy. We have already looked at some of the success our own firm has had with Facebook ads, and how that success can be passed on to you as well. Now we are ready to talk about the plan to get you there. Without a plan, your firm could waste substantial amounts of money on the social media site. Unlike retailers, who can succeed by blasting people with offers and incentives, attorneys need to focus on building trust and engagement with their target demographic. This, in turn, will cause people to turn to that firm when they need the services they offer. If you are interested in building an effective Facebook advertising campaign, this is what you need to consider.

    Choose Your Posts Well

    One of the ways we have encouraged engagement among our audience on Facebook is by carefully choosing the items we post. We have found that law firms who are marketing via Facebook must avoid being overly promotional. Sharing interesting articles relating to the firm’s practice area that provide useful information to potential clients, posting about successful cases the firm has handled and engaging with the audience through questions relating to the field are all appropriate and successful ways to engage a law firm’s audience.

    Understand Advertising Options
    Understand the options available for you, and try out different ones until you find the options that bring the most engagement from your target audience. Advertising options that work particularly well for law firms are options that promote a successful post or options that ask your fans’ friends to “like” your page. Facebook Power Editor is a great tool that offers very specific options to target your audience. These types of contacts are more likely to be contacts that you can help.


    Target Your Audience
    As a law firm, you likely have a very specific geographic audience you are trying to reach. If you know that your clients will come from a specific area, target that area. Unlike pay per click advertising, Facebook advertising allows you to control the people who see your ads based on a wide range of features, and geographic location is one of those. Part of your strategy needs to be defining the audience who will see your ads or posts.

    Interact with Your Audience
    As we touched on in the first article, the key to success with marketing lawyer services on Facebook is engagement. So how can you boost engagement? First, publish posts that offer help to your audience or encourage your audience to answer a question or interact with you in some other way. We like to find interesting news pieces that are in line with needs our audience has or use our posts to talk about successful cases, confidentially of course, to show our skill. Then, when people start interacting with your posts, respond. Make your page come alive by engaging with it regularly, and you will see your audience participation take off.

    Attorney engagement

    Give It Time
    Advertising on Facebook will not build your audience overnight. Give it time, and stay consistent. You will slowly, and steadily, see your audience grow.
    As our Facebook page has grown, We’ve actually been able to lower his Facebook advertising budget. We’ve cut back the $1,500 a month we were investing in Facebook marketing. Today, our Facebook page has turned into a word-of-mouth referral generator that brings many clients, and we only uses Facebook ads as needed to boost likes and referrals. With a well-planned strategy, enough time and enough consistency, your firm can see the same results, turning you into a successful social media lawyer.



    Do you have a Facebook ad strategy for your firm? How is it working? Share your comments below on what tools you are using for your Facebook Ads? Power Editor?

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