• EL 010: How Social Marketing Can Advance Your Business – with Ekaterina Walter

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    “Education, education, education. It’s really about telling them what works and why it works.”

    – Ekaterina Walter, the key to helping people understand the power of social media

    She has been a marketer all her life. During her eight years at Intel, Ekaterina Walter helped Intel realize the power of social media and transformed it to a social business from a team of only three people. She believes advocacy networks could ignite brand love; and it’s exactly how she recruited millions of fans around the world.

    Listen to learn how to use the power of your online community to truly tell your story in an unique and authentic way. And you have got to believe when Walter says that advocacy converts way more than the message you put out there.


    As THE marketing expert, Ekaterina Walter has been constructing and executing social media strategies for big corporations like Intel. She was one of the firsts to start using social media to help brands build brand loyalty and manage reputation. If there was any social marketing advice you should take seriously, it would be Ekaterina Walter’s advice.

    To learn more about Ekaterina Walter, go to www.ekaterinawalter.com.

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    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01.15 – What Ekaterina Walter is passionate about
    • 02.50– Walter explains “Advocacy networks”
    • 03.55 – How Walter convinced people about the power of social media
    • 10.10 – Why Walter decided to write “Think Like Zuck”
    • 14.17 – Principles of entrepreneurship
    • 16.23 – The five P’s in “Think Like Zuck”
    • 19.58 – The purpose-driven leaders and their vision
    • 35.26 – Walter’s inspiration
    • 37.00– Storytelling

    One of Walter’s favorite quotes, which she closed her book “Think Like Zuck” with, is from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are absolutely right.”

    What are your thoughts?


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