• Secrets to Success on Social Media in 2014 Webinar


    Last week, HubSpot hosted #WLW14, the largest online marketing seminar, where social media experts answered questions regarding the hottest online platforms. I jotted down the most asked questions and answers, and insights that are valuable. Find the questions that interest you and read on!

    Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at HubSpot

    Scott Engelman, Head of Online Marketing at LinkedIn
    Jed Clevenger, Global Head of SMB Channel Marketing at Facebook
    Russ Laraway, Senior SMB Director at Twitter


    (Image Courtesy of HubSpot)

    How to make your social media presence more awesome?

    • First of all, in order to be awesome, you have to understand if you are doing this for, brand awareness, lead generation, or reach. Be aware of your goal.
    • Make your first impression, a.k.a your Twitter profile, perfect. For example, use your bio to be descriptive of what your business does to make it easy for people to find you. Make your picture appealing.
    • 75% Twitter users are on mobile.



    How do you get more value out of your Facebook profile?

    • Fill out a complete and accurate page of your business profile.
    • Have a great profile picture and a cover page.
    • Use contact importer to bring in all of your business contacts and invite all of your friends to like your page.
    • Play around with Insights to understand your demographic.

    How to target content on Facebook?

    • Target your post based on location, language, educational status, gender, etc.
    • Speak with an authentic voice and be relevant. Your existing followers will help you reach more audience.
    • Use hashtags to become a part of the conversation.

    How to be more successful?

    • Facebook has the most successful targeting. Powerful targeting options: demographic targeting by age, gender, interests; custom audiences by uploading from email lists and user ID’s.
    • Conversion and tracking.
    • Use Insights to measure.


    • Increase the size of the right-hand-side ads. Use bigger and better images that are related to your business.


    How can you get more engagement through your tweets?

    • Twitter users want a) to learn about products; b) to show their support for the brands they love; c) to get the information they can use. Find these leads to create tweets that will resonate with your audience.
    • Don’t tweet about what you are selling all the time. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time should be tweets that are not directly related to your selling. Think about offering value to your followers.
    • Photos or Vine videos will be more likely to be shared.

    How to be more relevant on Twitter?

    • Regularity is very important to followers on Twitter.
    • Identify the industry influencers, participate in the conversations, and build a relationship with them.

    How can you get into conversations on Twitter?

    • Use hashtags that are easy to understand and structured search to add value to the conversation. If you use a brand new hashtag, either incorporate it into other media and incentive people to use your hashtag.
    • Tweets that will drive a direct response or off Twitter outcome.

    Should your Twitter marketing campaign be different than regular marketing copy?

    • No. For example, when promoting a newsletter, instead of tweeting out the link, try tweeting different bite-sized tips throughout the day that are linked to the same newsletter.
    • Image is still the key. It doubles engagement. If you are trying to drive of-Twitter traffic, make it simple, not distracting.

    Successful campaign?

    • Twitter is all about relevancy. An example would be BuzzStream. They use username targeting.


    How can a company be engaging on LinkedIn?

    • Write a compelling description of what makes your company different and your offers. Key terms that people are searching for and are relevant to your business. Think of the eye-catching images you can use to attract eyeballs.
    • Post in the community where your audiences gather in and demonstrate your expertise.

    What type of content should you post on LinkedIn?

    • It’s people who want to advance their careers in a creative way that come to LinkedIn; so professional content, such as industry trend news. Strong images, intriguing copy, URL need to be included in content updates.
    • Be experimental.

    LinkedIn ads?

    • Two main ways to advertise on LinkedIn: a) through LinkedIn ads; b) through using sponsor updates to extend your reach beyond your company page or community. Start an organic company page, take your best content, sponsor an update for you to appear in front of the exact audience on all devices.

    Advertising on LinkedIn

    • Start with sponsored update campaign containing engaging, organic content. You don’t have to pay for social action, such as likes or comments. Monitor your click-through rate to see what your audience is interested in and how relevant your update is.
    • Make sure your audience is sizable enough to drive enough volume for your campaign for it to be meaningful.
    • Remember what happens with that traffic you are driving to determine the results of your campaign.

    Here is the slideshow from this webinar:

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