• Press ‘Play’ and Grow Your Firm Using YouTube


    Tons of companies benefit from a YouTube channel, even if a company doesn’t generate its revenue from the video sharing website. Each day, Americans cumulatively watch enough content to equal 8,000 years’ of viewing. People upload 100 hours of content to the gigantic video sharing website every minute. Yet, only 9 percent of small businesses take advantage of these meteoric statistics.

    As an attorney, here are a few ways you can tap into YouTube as a way to market your services and highlight your practice to a wider audience.

    Show and Tell:

    Many people understand and learn things when they are shown particular concepts while someone tells them information. Videos are the perfect way to do that with both visual and audio. As such, videos create a simple way for attorneys to connect with potential clients who may seek their services. Attorneys can also use YouTube videos to break down difficult concepts into easily digestible tidbits.

    How to Start a YouTube Channel:

    A YouTube channel is, essentially, an account through Google. Create a Google+ account for your law firm. Then link that account to YouTube. Your channel name can be your law firm’s name so people can easily find it. Play around with the settings to determine the look that works for your channel.

    Creating Videos for Your Firm:Youtube

    You don’t necessarily have to purchase expensive equipment to create videos. Many video cameras and microphones that plug directly into a computer cost less than $100 each. You can sit in front of the camera explaining a statute of limitations, or you can take the show on the road and interview medical experts who explain workplace injuries. You can get as creative as you want to with a video.

    One thing to add in post-production is your law firm’s web address and email/phone number along the bottom of the screen. That way, anyone who sees the video knows how to get in touch with you.

    Make sure to include a call-to-action towards the end of your video, such as “If you have a legal question or an issue that our law firm can help with, give our office a call or send us an email.” A call-to-action implores anyone watching to get in touch with your firm.

    As you upload a video, add hashtags and search tags to the video to make it more searchable through Google. If your video focuses on probate law and estate planning, include that in the title of the video and the tags that you fill in as you upload it to YouTube.

    After Uploading Your Videos:

    Make sure you announce the new video on your social media channels and your website’s blog. Even though you post the video to your own website, YouTube has its own search that makes your law firm more visible to potential clients. The more you post the YouTube link through social media, the more coverage it gets through Google searches.

    Eventually, your law firm builds subscribers through YouTube, but that may take a while. That’s why it’s important to create relevant, high-quality content on your channel on a regular basis.


    Check out these examples of attorneys who have successful YouTube channels. Gerry Oginski, an attorney from New York who specializes in medical malpractice and accident injuries, has more than 2,000 subscribers and more than 2,100 videos posted to his channel. Jonathan Ginsberg, a Social Security/disability lawyer based in Atlanta, has nearly 2,400 subscribers with 160 videos.

    Poke around either of these channels to see what makes them successful. Click on “Videos” to see the videos sorted by the most recent ones first. Click the “About” tab to see links and contact information that each law firm posts on the channel.

    The sooner you become active on YouTube, the sooner you can expand your digital reach and engage with potential clients. It may seem like a lot to get started, but once you begin posting videos to YouTube the easier the process becomes. To check out an ‘Enchanting’ example of an attorney YouTube page, visit mine by clicking here!

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