• Practice Growth With the Facebook Group Approach

    Facebook Groups are places for small group communication where people can share their common interests and express their opinions. These meeting venues allow people to come together around a common cause, issue, or activity in order to:

    • Organize,
    • Express group objectives
    • Hold discussions on relevant issues
    • Post photos
    • Share related information & ideas
    • And much more!

    These groups can be diverse depending on the nature of the group. For example, when one creates a group, they can decide whether or not to make it publicly available for anyone on Facebook to join or to keep it private by inviting certain members or through administrative approval. They can also be anything from athletic teams to high school clubs, church groups, political organizations, or in our particular case, law practices.

    Facebook Groups can prove to be handy in a number of areas, but can they be effective for your practice’s growth? Absolutely! They can help improve firm’s social media presence and boost their online engagement. According to the Social Media Examiner and other notable social sites, the use of Facebook Groups can significantly improve your firm’s online presence if implemented efficiently into your online marketing strategies.

    1. Promote Chats

    Facebook Groups are a great way to promote upcoming law chats or guest speakers. Promoting chats is also effective in keeping certain conversations in Facebook Groups strictly focused on business matters. Law firms should also let any participants, such as clients visiting their Facebook profiles, know about their Facebook group (in this case, keep the group open to the public) during the chat. By promoting your practice through advertising a public group on chats with clients, you can increase traffic, and ultimately the engagement you want from business prospects.

    1. Sell Services

    Facebook Groups now allows businesses and practices alike to promote and sell their services through their channels as well as on their law firm’s websites. Just create a “For Sale” Group, then set the option to “sell something” in the Facebook updates.

    1. Establish Expertise 

    Become a valuable resource in your own field of expertise by creating a group catered to that specific field. This allows you to share your knowledge and experiences in a preexisting group or peers within your industry. However, be sure not to abuse this by promoting yourself and your practice. By being a helpful resource and freely giving your knowledge and expertise to your peers, you’ll boost your reputation and presence online for yourself as well as your law firm.

    1. Collect Feedback 

    Creating a restricted Facebook Group is a great approach for gaining the input of any existing clients. After you create the group, just invite some of your top clients to the group and initiate open discussions on new ideas you’re thinking about implementing in your practice. Collecting feedback and strengthening client relationships is the bread and butter of your practice’s long-term success, so be open to suggestions.

    1. Provide Customer Service 

    Secret Facebook groups are a great venue for providing customer service and responding to legitimate inquiries rather than trolls. Secrecy can give you better control over the group and protect your practice against any inappropriate or disgruntled clients by barring access to them.

    1. Test New Ideas with Peers 

    Another reason how a Facebook Group can be an effective method towards practice growth is by testing new ideas with peers. By creating a Facebook Group for your law masterminds, you can share and test out new ideas in a way that will save your firm time and money in the event that an idea didn’t work out too well. However, keep this group small and private, since these are ideas that concern your practice and you only want your most trusted peers to know them.

    1. Communicate with your Team 

    If your firm primarily communicates via Facebook, then it’s definitely beneficial to create a secret, internal Facebook Group for your firm to communicate better as a whole. Just create the group and invite your employees to join as a communication platform for your entire team. The group can allow you to share anything from office updates to introducing any new employees.

    Have you tried implementing Facebook Groups into your social media marketing strategies? If not, you may be surprised at how simple and effective it can be to throw your practice into the spotlight! If you have used Facebook Groups before and reaped its benefits, we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment about your experiences using these groups and maybe we shall unite in an upcoming group chat in the future!

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