• The Power of Thank You: Client Appreciation ALL Year Round

    Thank you

    Thank you. It’s a simple statement with a lot of meaning. This holiday season, make it the one statement you repeat to your clients to show you appreciate them. It’s easier to make the holidays brighter than you think.

    As an attorney, your business is only as successful as the number of clients you maintain. Yet, many business organizations, including small and large offices, fail to do the simplest thing to keep clients happy. They fail to show thanks. It’s the holiday season, and you may be planning on sending out dozens of thank you notes as your end-of-the-year well wishes to clients. Is this enough? Is it worth the investment to extend that extra few minutes for a personalized “thank you” to each one?

    What Is the Value of Thank You Today?

    Much of today’s correspondence is done digitally. Clients are rushed. Some attorneys just assume their office staff is saying thank you enough. According to Forbes, though, there are numerous benefits to showing appreciation. A study published in Emotion, as noted by Forbes, showed that saying “thank you” to a new acquaintance makes them more likely to seek out a longer term relationship. It can also help improve psychological and physical health, encourage better self-esteem and reduce aggression. How does this translate into the attorney’s office, though?

    Showing Appreciation as an Attorney: Fast, Simple Ways to Say Thank You

    With the holiday season approaching, now is the easiest and most appropriate time to reach out and show your appreciation. I recommend a few key ways to do so, such as these:

    #1: Hand-write thank you notes

    More important than delivering handwritten notes is to ensure you, the attorney writes them. In a large firm where hundreds of clients are present, this may be hard to do. However, most smaller offices will benefit significantly from this one, simple gesture. The extra effort will be appreciated.

    #2: Give something back to them

    Another way to show you appreciate their business is to do something extra for them. For example, offer a free consultation to regroup and discuss their business with you during the slower winter season. A 20-minute consultation can help bring them in to discuss their needs and make them feel important. It may also help increase your company’s bottom line with future work. #3:

    Thank them for referrals

    A sincere note of thanks whenever a client refers your services to another can be quite powerful. You are building your brand when you provide your clients with the ability to easily refer other clients to you. When they do, send a note or call them and thank them for the referral. This not only shows you care, but it can also help encourage the client to continue to refer your services.

    Use your clients’ names when you speak to them. Talk about all of the hard work they’ve put into the case or other legal matters. Look them in the eye and use a firm handshake to show you appreciate the time they took to talk to you. Now that the holidays are here, put aside a few hours of your business schedule to say thank you. I recommend making every interaction with your clients one where you show appreciation, but during the holiday season, it’s even more valued and valuable.

    Of course, I’d like to express MY personal thanks to all of my readers, supporters, and clients both past and present. My deepest wishes to all of you and your families for a wonderfully Enchanting Thanksgiving Holiday! Thank you!

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