• EL 013: Back to the Basics in Social Networking with Kevin Alansky

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    Do you ever walk into a room full of people you think you know but fail to come up with names? Do you wish you had all the information you needed at the command of a voice control? Kevin Alansky is dedicated to bringing the “social” back into social networking with more human interaction. He tries to go beyond the marketing realm and create a product that has value to the people.

    It’s the proximity of the people around you that give you better relationships, meet new people, know where your friends are – that matters most…and it’s really about bringing people together.” – Kevin Alansky, back to the basics of social networking









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    Alansky talks extensively about his app SocialRadar in this podcast so let’s first learn about the app:

    “SocialRadar gives you real-time information about the people around you. When you walk into a room, enter a restaurant, attend a conference, or go to an event, SocialRadar tells you: who is there; how you are connected to them; and what they have been up to. It works by combining your phone’s location info with the chatter from your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+).”

    I tried out Alansky’s new product SocialRadar before the podcast interview. It’s definitely going where future apps will be going to help professionals retain clients or get a new job. In my experience, I appreciate the kind of convenience that immediacy apps like SocialRadar offer to make our lives easier.

    Alansky addresses a new age challenge – privacy. While people are checking in and sharing more private moments on the internet, they demand more privacy. He answers the question: How do you balance being public and invisible at the same time? In addition, as a professional, if you are wondering how you can use Social Radar to not just protect your privacy, but also revamp your social networking experience with the help of the digital devices you already own. It extends beyond just the professional ideas – it infiltrates into your personal life, such as meeting new friends. In the second half of the interview, you can also learn about how Alansky started his entrepreneurial journey and his thinking process.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 00’38” What is SocialRadar and what he wants to achieve with social networking
    • 03’44” Marketing as a profession vs. Serendipitous moments
    • 06’10” The privacy challenge
    • 07’53” How Google Glass works with Social Radar
    • 11’00″ How attorneys and other professions can use the app to better their networking experience
    • 19’00″ How Alansky discovered the entrepreneurship idea
    • 24’39” SocialRadar’s future enhancements
    • 26’56” Alansky talks about the future of apps and wearable technology
    • 30’50” A book Alansky recommends

    We wanna change the way that people meet and connect..and being able to take the technology that is already out there, bring it together in a meaningful way to have better outcomes.” – Kevin Alansky, on his business’s mission 

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Kevin Alansky (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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