• Optimize Your Facebook Page to Attract More Clients


    In the online marketing realm, social media is king. A high-quality social media presence helps attract potential clients to your law practice.

    The Changing Online Landscape

    In the early days of online marketing, keyword optimization was all the buzz. Google now knows that there’s much more to a website’s value. And it makes sense. Would you rather hire an attorney whose site is cluttered with the phrase “best attorney in Chicago,” or one that is providing valuable and relevant content on their website and social channels?

    Facebook and Google can work together to help your search engine optimization for your online presence.

    Here are some tips to maximize your business page:

    Create a username. Facebook puts your username at the end of your page’s URL, so it makes sense to pick a good one. You might want to use the name of your law practice, or a derivative of it if it’s too long.

    Select the proper categories. Visitors often search for businesses based on categories such as “restaurants,” “boutiques,” or “law firms.” Be sure to select the relevant categories and add subcategory tags.

    Provide your address. Clients need to know where your business is before they stop by for a consultation. This is very important for local Google searches.

    Keyword optimize your About section. While keywords aren’t everything, they’re still important. Tell people a little about your law practice and toss in keywords like attorney, law practice in [city], preferably near the beginning and end of the content.

    Deliver value to consumers. It is your chance to write and share your knowledge on your passion, build your credibility, post engaging photos, link to videos and more. It’s also an opportunity to chat with followers, answer questions and start creating buzz.


    Use the Google Ad Words Keywords Tool to research out the best keywords for your page. Just don’t go overboard with them – Google can tell if you’re trying too hard.

    Link to your website and other social media pages and backlink to your Facebook page from those sites. This helps integrate your online presence and unify your brand.

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    Research competitor pages. If this is your first Facebook page, chances are you’ve got some catching up to do. Search for other law practices in your area on Facebook. How many likes do they have? How many people are talking about them? How quickly do they respond to comments? Competitor pages can teach you what to do and what to avoid.

    Include a link to your Facebook page on your business card. Many people shy away from making phone calls. Typing comments is a less scary route and can be just the outlet they need to become your next client.

    Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and a great complement to your website. With an optimized and up to date Facebook page, you gain a competitive edge over the attorneys down the street.

    By taking the time to post often, be consistent, respond quickly and optimize your page your Facebook community will be engaged. It will help you extend your reach and Google will push your information to the search engines.

    Thank you for reading and stay enchanting!

    How often do you review your Facebook page and make updates to your business page? We would love to see your page! Please share your page link in comments below. Have a question? Ask below.

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