• Live-Stream Content: The Changing Landscape of How We Connect

    Live-stream content

    The number of people using live-stream content apps is steadily growing. Live-streaming can be used to share anything from a cooking recipe to a CLE webinar and its versatility can be harnessed in entertainment environments as well as business settings. For tech-savvy attorneys, apps such as Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab can aid in anything from marketing to client relationships and even trial work.

    What are These Apps?

    In the beginning, there was Meerkat—the original live-streaming app that introduced us all to a new world of immediate, live connection. Meerkat has two new features that have everyone talking. The first is Live Polling—a polling feature used in live-streams to get a feel for the popularity of an idea or thought being discussed. In a business sense, having access to a poll system like this will come in handy for law firms– rather than having to wait for audience response and sentiment, they will be able to get a real-time pulse to better understand what works. The second innovation is called ‘Show and Tell,’ and it lets you upload pictures, graphs, or videos from your camera roll to be displayed during your stream.

    Periscope, on the other hand, is newer and comes with a more refined live-streaming experience. Whereas social media sites like Vine let users record clips and post them online, Periscope allows users to post live video streams of what they’re doing at that very moment. The live stream experience is also different because it stays for 24 hours after being recorded and users can play it back during that time.

    Blab is the newest app on the market and, as opposed to the other two apps’ limitation to mobile devices, it allows streaming of video via mobile, tablet or desktop. Through Blab, you can post your live conversations, check out those others are having, and lurk. It is similar to having a TV host program, but better because viewers can participate without dialing an 800 number.

    How can these Apps help Attorneys?

    If you are a tech-savvy attorney, apps like these can go as far as you want them to.

    • Offer CLEs. If you want to offer CLEs to make a name for your practice and do not have the physical space to do so, you can host CLEs through any of these apps. Simply invite people and have them show up to the “session.” Use the apps to confirm who has attended and to interact with attendees by answering questions live. This is a step up from a conference call as attendees can see you as well as the presentation, thus making the content more appealing and lively.
    • Face-to-Face Feedback. Curious what your attendees really think about your presentation on a case or legal theory? You can give them a chance to voice their feedback in a focus group. Invite your attendees to participate post-presentation and really hear what theories worked and what could be enhanced.
    • Coach Clients Before they go. Before sending clients out the door, often times you want them to be equipped with PDFs, emails, or even videos to prepare them for what’s next. With these apps, you can schedule a ‘know before you go’ and invite your clients. Pick a host/moderator, and let your parties join your session remotely. Your job as a host is just to watch the comment stream for questions and everyone is on their way.
    • Change your Trial Practice. Consider this: currently, many trial judges allow jurors to submit written questions once attorneys finish questioning witnesses. Most of the time it is interesting for counsel and the judge to see what jurors focus on. If the juror questions are appropriate, the witness is asked the questions by counsel—thereby resulting in a more gratifying experience for the jury. Live-streaming apps could compliment, if not revolutionize this process by adding the crowd-sourced real-time element.

    Have you begun implementing any of the above-mentioned live-stream apps for your practice? If so, we’d love for you to share your experiences with us! Let us know what your preferred methods are for utilizing live-streaming, or contact me with further questions on how it can enhance not only your attorney/client relationships, but your practice as a whole. “Enchanting” an audience through live-streaming has never been easier!

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