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    LinkedIn offers a highly effective way to increase your visibility in the professional world, whether you’re interested in networking with other attorneys or drawing in potential clients. In addition to displaying an up-to-date professional profile and allowing you to reach out to others, you can post informative content via LinkedIn Publisher. Before getting started, take some time to understand how this tool can help your law practice gain visibility and learn how to make the best use of it.

    What Is It?

    LinkedIn Publisher is a publishing platform that allows you to post content that’s relevant to your field. Previously, this platform was only available to the site’s Influencers or thought leaders, but the company has since opened it up to all users. The platform lets you create and format content, link to SlideShares, include videos and more.


    Why Use It?

    LinkedIn Publisher gives you a convenient way to boost your visibility as a lawyer, so you can receive endorsements, make new networking connections and attract potential clients. It provides you with a chance to offer insight and advice to those who work in the legal field or to those who might need your services.

    Your profile and interactions with others on LinkedIn also increase your visibility, but there are limits to how much you can show your expertise through these. With LinkedIn Publisher, you’re able to reach a wider audience and offer more in-depth information on your area of legal expertise. Your content gives you a way to better showcase your knowledge.

    This publishing platform has the added benefit of boosting your search visibility outside of LinkedIn. Depending on the keywords you use in your content, other attorneys or potential clients are more likely to find you through online searches.

    How to Use It

    When you’re ready to get started with LinkedIn Publisher, look for the pencil icon inside the “post status update” box on your profile page. Click on the pencil icon, and you’ll be taken to the publishing dashboard, where you can compose and format your blog post. The formatting tools should be simple to use if you’re already familiar with online blogging platforms. You’ll also see several options to make your content even more informative and engaging, such as embedding YouTube videos. When you’re done editing your content, you’ll be able to preview it and post it.

    LinkedIn Publisher

    Tips for Using LinkedIn Publisher

    LinkedIn Publisher can be a successful tool to get yourself noticed as an attorney if you follow certain rules for creating great content. These include:

    • Coming up with a title that immediately grabs readers’ attention
    • Including high-quality images
    • Embedding informative videos
    • Using keywords that increase your chances of showing up in search results
    • Posting high-quality content that offers a lot of value to your readers

    Your blog posts on LinkedIn Publisher can be fresh content created for this platform, or you can use blog posts from your website. To avoid the risk of being penalized by Google for duplicate content on more than one website, you might want to tweak republished content when you post it on LinkedIn.

    In order to ensure that readers stay engaged, you should also limit your LinkedIn posts to certain word counts. While you want to provide in-depth information, you don’t want to risk having readers navigate away from your content if it’s too long. You also want to avoid having content that’s too brief to offer any real value. Aim for blog posts that are between 300 and 600 words ideally.

     A couple of other tips to keep in mind include:

    • Share your content. Include links to it on other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also reach out to those in your network to ask them to share your posts. LinkedIn also offers other ways to share your content, such as InMails and Updates.
    • Don’t post too often or too little. Publishing content once a week is ideal. Publishing too many posts or too few could end up costing you readers.

    LinkedIn Publisher provides you with an easy and effective way to get your law practice noticed, so what are you waiting for? Log in to your LinkedIn profile, and get started on publishing today.

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