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    LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the most useful marketing tools an attorney can use in the modern era. Chances are, you already have a LinkedIn profile. The problem is that there’s just as great a chance that you’re not using it correctly. If you already have a profile set up but haven’t seen the traffic from it that you were hoping for, don’t give up on it just yet.

    Instead, try these tips on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile.

    Choose the Right Photo:LinkedIn Profile - Jacob headshot

    Your photo says a lot about you and is often the first thing people notice when they visit your profile. The importance of that first impression can not be overrstated, so make sure your photo looks professional and sends the message you want people to see. A simple headshot is recommended, but don’t mistake simple with sub-standard. Hire a professional photographer for a clear and sharp headshot, because frankly, quickie cell phone shots just won’t suffice.

    Write a Compelling Headline:

    Your headline is the written aspect that followers will first notice about your profile. Make sure your headline clearly states your name, your title, or gives them another intriguing reason to click your link.

    Have a Strong Summary:

    Your summary is the first real chance for people to learn about you and what makes you tick. This is where you can strongly make your case for why you are the attorney they should hire and trust. Keep in mind, though, that only the first 200 character will show up on a desktop (without the person clicking “see more”) so you want to make your point concise right off the bat.

    List Your Relevant Experience:

    It’s tempting to list as much of your work history and experience as possible, but potential clients may see this as overkill and begin to tune out. Unless all of your credentials are related to the majority of your prospects’ needs, you want to keep your background list short, sweet, and relevant to your strongest areas of expertise.

    Make Yourself Human:

    This may sound contradictory to what has been stated above, but clients are more likely to stick around if they get a sense that you are genuine. The human element can be a powerful tool. Adding a personal touch to your LinkeIn profile can show people who you really are and make them more comfortable with the idea of hiring you.

    Publish Fresh Content:

    Publishing a blog, vlog, updating your information, or finding other ways to keep your profile fresh and current is important for two reasons.

    – It will give people a reason to come back time and time again.

    – Fresh content helps your profile jump up towards the top of a search results list, which is invaluable for your firm in gaining recognition.

    LinkedIn ProfileMarket and Network:

    Join and link to as many professional organizations, groups, and businesses as you can. The more eyes on your page, the more engagement and inquiries you will receive. You never know when someone else is going to stumble across your page because of one of these connections.

    Update Contact Information:

    While this one might seem obvious, it may surprise you how often contact information can be ignored. It doesn’t help you at all if a potential client is unable to get in touch with you. You don’t only want to be current with updates like changes of address or phone number, but you also want to have multiple avenues of contact. Add fax numbers, email addresses, and all of your other social channels to increase your chances of receiving more inquiries.

    Sometimes the simplest adjustments can make a world of difference for your online presence. Tidying up your LinkedIn profile from time to time is just one way to effectively market your firm and your brand. It is also not an exact science. Attorneys and marketers alike sometimes use other tactics for improving their profiles or engaging with others on LinkedIn.

    Sound like you and your marketing efforts? We’d love to from you! Start a discussion by sharing your personal experiences with creating and maintaining social profiles in the box below!

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