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    Many businesses don’t realize how important content creation is for both their inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Even if they do understand its importance, none of their content means much if they aren’t able to promote it successfully. Google turned the idea of keyword optimization upside down, so businesses that think that successful search engine optimization strategies are all about stuffing content with keywords are dead wrong.

    Creating Content and Targeting Your Audience

    The only way to get recognition either on social media platforms or in search engines, is to create content that adds value, and that provides people with useful and important information they aren’t going to find elsewhere. You also need to promote it in places where it will most likely be seen. To do that, you need to target the industry that it impacts.

    Look for LinkedIn Groups

    If you want to target the people who will most benefit from the valuable information you have to share, you need to focus the content on your industry. As a Business to Business (B2B) marketer, the best way to target other professionals in your industry is through LinkedIn.

    An easy way to find those people is by doing a search for groups. Search for groups in your industry, or do keyword searches that may broaden the scope of the returns you get from the search. Include the groups you join on your personal and professional or business LinkedIn profiles.

    Curated content is a very effective way to promote content. Platforms like Spundge of Scoop.it . The platforms are different, but the idea is essentially the same. Find content, images or videos, and create your own notebooks or files to organize the information before sharing. When sharing information on LinkedIn, especially in groups, create guest blog posts to avoid having group moderators delete your content as Spam.

    Look for Reactions from People to Your LinkedIn Content

    If your content is effective, people will comment on it, share it and like it. But there are several important things to consider when trying to create effective content. Don’t just share articles. Blog posts, videos, pictures, and an occasional personal tidbit can be very helpful. Another important thing to think about is how often you’re sharing your content. The worst thing you can do is overdo it because that will drive people away so fast, your head will spin.

    Think about how you’d react to having a friend stop by, especially unannounced. If someone just happens to be in the neighborhood and drops by to say hello, you’ll probably invite them in. You’d be just as welcoming if the same person did the same thing a week or two later. On the other hand, if they dropped by every day, or came over more than once a day, you’d probably be annoyed enough to not want to answer the door. Sharing content on social media has a very similar affect on people.

    Share important, interesting information. Make sure that the information you share has value and adds something to their life. If someone finishes reading something you share and feels like you helped them, or taught them something, they’ll be more inclined to want to read other things you share.

    If you are posting content on your Blog or website, think about adding a button like Share This, so people can share your material across other platforms at the same time. The easier you make it for other people to share things you post, the more likely it is that they’ll do it often. And remember, Pinterest and LinkedIn are becoming valuable social media platforms for sharing content.

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