• Legal Branding through Facebook: Be Nice. Be Useful. Give Value.

    The internet has made a worldwide marketplace more accessible than ever, and this applies to attorneys as well. No matter what size law practice you run, whether it’s a solo practice or a large firm, you can reap the rewards of all of these online marketing opportunities. With an intuitive blend of responsive web design, local search engine optimization (SEO), and an effectively implemented social media campaign, your firm can effectively market and brand itself online.

    Facebook in particular is one social media outlet your firm shouldn’t be without. With more than one billion users, it is the communication mode of choice for many people. You probably already have a personal Facebook page, but how can you make the most of this tool when it comes to promoting your firm and creating brand awareness?

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    Create a Custom Profile

    Whether you’re tech-savvy enough to do it yourself (there are also many online tutorials) or you choose to pay someone to handle it for you, a custom Facebook profile page is a must. Customization will ensure that your Facebook page has the same vibe, look and design as your website and other marketing materials. One of the keys to successful branding is a consistent look across all channels.

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    Choose Your Focus and Tone

    The right “voice” is key to a successful social media presence, and this is invariably tied in with your business goal and ethos. You’ll want to be as specific as you can when it comes to your business goal. Choose a specialty focus and stick with it. It should be concise and reference your top keywords and phrases, e.g. “We’re the premier family law attorney Olympia, Washington knows and trusts.” (Your top SEO key phrases will likely include the type of law you practice plus the geographical area you serve.)
    Once you are clear on your focus, your tone will naturally follow. For example, in the case of family law, you’ll likely want your tone to be professional but compassionate.

    Provide Value to Your Readers

    Be sure that every item you post on Facebook adds value to the user in some way. Whether it’s a link to a relevant blog, breaking news, a video or everyday advice suitable for your target audience, keep your intros concise to accommodate a short-attention-span world. Double-check everything you write before posting to ensure you catch the grammar errors and typos.

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    Stay Engaged

    Once you’re generating new friends along with your existing clients, stay engaged with them. Try and respond in some way to every comment you receive. Staying abreast of what people are saying about you on Facebook allows you to “take the temperature” of your brand and make adjustments accordingly.

    Facebook is an excellent method of brand management. You’ll know what key people are saying about you in real time. You can even use an analytics tool to do the listening for you. Another great way to raise your profile is to “like” other relevant Facebook pages, bringing you in contact with more of your target audience.

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    Maintain Brand Consistency

    Even as you’re crafting and maintaining your Facebook presence, make sure your other online marketing avenues complement it in design and tone. Link your Facebook page to your website, blog, email newsletters and any other social media accounts as appropriate, and vice-versa.

    These five steps can help get you started in making the most of using Facebook for your law firms brand creation and management. A Facebook page can be your portal to branding yourself as an expert, building trust and credibility with clients and forging ongoing relationships with new and current users.

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