• What I learnt from Pat Flynn at #SMMW14 – How to Get Your Podcast to the Top

    Pat Flynn’s “How to Get Your Podcast to the Top: What Works and What Doesn’t” session at Social Media Marketing World 2014 was the last session I attended. What a passionate speaker Pat was and the tremendous amount of useful information he was willing to share was just priceless! You didn’t get to be there? That’s ok! I organized my notes and there you go! For the podcasters, future podcasters, and the ones that are not born yet.

    Here is a brief introduction of one of the top ranked podcasters, Pat Flynn, from www.smartpassiveincome.com:



    The major difference between video and podcast is people subscribe to a podcast, usually 30-45 minutes long, on a weekly, sometimes a daily basis, whereas a video is just minutes long. So, you can imagine the power you have over a regular listener.

    Here are some resources to get you started:




    Key elements of podcasting:

    Audio quality

    1. The right equipment is worth your investment;

    2. Always test record for settings.

    Artwork: Podcasting is visual. That’s what people see first. Logo is like first impression. Invest in graphics.

    1. Research the category on iTunes and see what other people already have going on;

    2. Create artwork (1400×1400);

    3. Test on different devices. Remember people access your podcasts not just through desktop, but mostly through their mobile devices.

    iTunes is a search engine. What you need to have in the description field:

    Title: make sure you include key words

    Name: description of what you do

    Always put key words in your podcast description

    -Episode metadata: use keywords in your episode description and make sure it’s suitable for the mobile viewing experience


    How to get to the top: Number of subscribers, number of downloads, ranking and reviews

    What’s the best length for an episode? 

    Pat Flynn emphasizes it depends on what your audience feels like, what would fit into their schedule. Flynn suggests a survey first.

    How often should you publish?

    It varies. Ask yourself: How often are you comfortable with it? How committed are you to a frequency? How long can you keep it up?

    Solo vs. Guests? 

    Having guests can always create long-lasting relationships for the podcaster. There is not a right answer. It always comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

    Pat has questions for people to think about:

    What’s your position?

    What makes your show irresistible? You would want to know what your unfair advantage is and nobody would do.

    Success tips:

    1. Hire someone to voice and create content

    2. Determine the right position and USP for target audience

    3. Record 45 episodes before launching

    4. Create buzz for podcast two days before

    5. One day before, email blast of a teaser

    6. Launch 5 episodes at a time

    7. Create an email list for call to action

    Include “Call to action” in every podcast:

    1. Like it? Share it!

    Clicktotweet.com to make your podcast sharable.

    2. Go to a landing page.

    3. Ask people to leave a review. A mistake people make: Always have the same call to action. Mix it up.


    Go to Fotor.com to get a free graphic and you can add text on there to promote podcasts and share on social media (check out Pat’s examples). Or use a quote from the guest.

    “You have no idea who is on the other end consuming…Those are actual people in those numbers.”

    – Pat Flynn, closing thought after sharing an inspiring story of one of his listeners 

    photo(Me and Pat Flynn at SMMW14 Opening Night Party)

    Questions for Pat Flynn?



    Find him on iTunes “Smart Passive Income

    What are your feelings about podcasting?

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