• Creating Landing Pages That Convert into Clients

    Landing Pages that convert

    Crafting effective landing pages is a new skill that every internet marketer and modern lawyer should learn. Understanding the different types of landing pages, along with when to use them and what content to include, will help grow your practice by growing your business.

    What is a Landing Page?

    Traditionally, the term “landing page” was used to describe any page that a web user might land on. When it comes to the world of internet marketing, a landing page is a standalone website that is different from the rest of your website. A landing page has been specifically crafted and designed for a single purpose, typically to generate leads or sell a specific product.

    Landing pages will not contain global navigation that ties it in with the rest of your website. This is because the intended goal of a landing page is to limit options and keep the visitors focused on the task at hand: conversion.

    Common Types of Effective Landing Pages

    Different types of landing pages are used to meet different goals. Understanding the two common types of landing pages will help you know which type you’ll need in order to grow your practice.

    • Click Through: These types of landing pages are designed to entice users to click through to another page. These are usually used as part of an ecommerce sales funnel. They’ll describe a product or service in an effort to soft sell the reader before asking them to click through to purchase. This practice helps sidestep the poorly converting practice of having ads go directly to a shopping cart page. Instead, they’re directed to a page of information that warms them up to buy. Once they’ve reached the bottom of the landing page, they’ll be ready to make a purchase.
    • Lead Generation: Lead generation landing pages are used to do just that, generate leads for your business. A lead is typically a name and email address along with permission to contact the user. The sole purpose of a lead generation page is to gather the information of people that you can later email with information or offers. A lead capture page will always contain a form and a description of what you’ll get for filling out the form.

    Most lead generation pages promise to provide some free information in exchange for their email address. Below are common offers:

    • A discount or coupon
    • A free trial
    • Whitepaper or ebook
    • Registration to a webinar
    • Entry into a contest

    Many law practices make use of both types of landing pages to pursue various business goals. Understanding when to use landing pages will help narrow down how they help increase growth.

    Landing pages that convertWhen Should You Use a Landing Page?

    Should you be using a landing page for any of your current offers and promotions? Should you use one for an upcoming marketing push?

    Ideally, you should be using a landing page for every digital inbound ad campaign. Having distinct landing pages for different campaigns helps avoid cluttering up your landing page with information. Below are a few common times to use a landing page:

    • Custom promo offers: You might have a certain promotion going on for different leads or clients. A landing pages allows you to direct personalized messages to specific categories instead of offering everyone the same thing. For example, if your law firm handles both personal injury cases and divorce services, you can use landing pages to make unique offers.
    • Different offers per traffic source: Even if you only have one ad campaign in the works, you may wish to have different landing pages for each traffic source. For example, you might have one landing page for people who were sent an email about your offer, and a different page for someone who found the offer through Facebook.

    Optimal Landing Page Content

    Crafting effective landing pages that convert into clients is something of an art. Fortunately, enough research has been done on landing pages to produce an easy check list for what should be included in a landing page:

    • An excellent looking headline
    • Concise subheadings
    • Minimal links
    • Call to action buttons that make an impression
    • Flawless grammar
    • Persuasive copy

    Driving Traffic to Landing Pages

    Building, crafting and designing a landing page is only a small part of the operation. Driving traffic to landing pages is one of the most important elements of the entire operation. Below are a few of the time-tested effective ways to drive traffic to your landing pages:

    • Well placed calls to action: Calls to action can be placed throughout your online presence: homepage, blog and social profiles. These are simple buttons or links that direct people into the landing page.
    • Social media campaigns: Many effective businesses design custom landing pages for traffic coming from social media campaigns. Then, they make use of a social media campaign to drive traffic to these pages.
    • Guest blogging: Guest blogging puts your name and information in front of a new audience. Depending on the editor, you may be able to put a direct link to your landing page in your byline.

    Effectively using landing pages to grow your practice may take some time and growing pains, but it’s well worth it! A successful landing page can significantly help grow your practice. I have had great success utilizing landing pages for different purposes to grow my practice. To capture email addresses I used a landing page with video to provide value and offered a download as I launched my book, I utilized a landing page “pre-sale” to give away the first chapter in anticipation of its launch. Those two campaigns grew my email list significantly.

    Have you used Landing pages for your practice? I would love to hear about your success, please share below. Have a question? Please ask away! Thanks for reading, until next time stay enchanting!

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