• An Enchanting Guide to Creating Killer Blogging Content

    Content creation is hard.

    Two things that constantly frustrate me, or a lot bloggers, are cranking stuff out on a regular basis and finding a unique voice. My remedy (and I thank my college research professor for this piece of advice) is: Just start writing. It may sound like a cop-out at first; but once you are in this business for a while, you will see that too much brainstorming or pre-planning limits you and kills your article’s appeal. Yes, it sounds like it’s against every writing rule; however, the best and the most exhilarating articles are the ones that are created on the spot, on the go, because they reflect your most authentic opinion and voice.

    Not that I discourage people from doing research online beforehand – but you have to admit that knowing what others think on the same subject puts you in a confined box. That’s why I always say: Just start writing down whatever comes to mind and see where that leads you. Write like how you would talk to an intimate friend.

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    Get Personal

    So I went back to my archive and pulled up the most liked blog post:


    Why did it get so much traction?

    1. Who gets to be in the Israeli Defense Forces? Not everyone.
    2. Who writes about their experience in the IDF? Not everyone.
    3. Who can come up with business correlations between the IDF and entrepreneurship? Not everyone.

    So when I did all of the above, it was a win-win-win situation. Similarly, when you identify your uniqueness and what sets you apart from other bloggers, then you tie it back to the purpose of your blog, you are a winner.

    I have to clarify that I am not asking you to be completely self-evolved since it’s your blog. You can lead with a personal story; but you always demonstrate your story can teach your readers something about business.

    Again, Get Personal

    Last month, I received some requests asking me to write a comprehensive podcasting guide for beginners. Frankly, there are thousands of articles online on how to launch a podcast, offering various ways. When I was doing research, I felt like I was losing my focus and being sidetracked. Therefore, I closed all windows and decided to concentrate only on exactly what I did for every single episode. It turned out to be well-structured, self-explanatory, and original.

    The Necessities

    1. A photo. No, it’s not that simple. Like the meme in the beginning of this blog post, I made it myself. Why? Because a generic “handshake” picture is boring. You will see in most of my blog posts containing personal stories, I include a real picture that I took myself or something original.
    2. A sense of humor. Imagine you are in a social setting, a dating scene, a job interview, or anywhere. Humor is possibly the most liked and the most universally acceptable quality of a person. Don’t stray away from it because you are in a serious profession. BECAUSE you have a less interesting/sexy brand, you got even more reasons to make your readers giggle.
    3. Adventurous spirit. Don’t be afraid to be the game changer. Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary that will make you “look bad”.

    There you go. I know it isn’t astoundingly jaw-dropping information but it is the most honest and genuine blogging advice I would share with my dearest friends. I wish you the best luck with touching your audience with your words.

    What’s your secret to creating killer blogging content? Please send me an email to jacob@enchantinglawyer.com. I would love to have a chat with you on any subject! 

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