• EL 002: The Journey From Self-Employed To Successful Business Owner – with Derek Sivers

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    Derek Sivers, entrepreneur/programmer/avid student of life,  started out as a professional musician and circus clown in California. Having figured out how to sell his own cd’s through his website, Derek began helping out other musician friends by selling theirs. Before he knew it, Derek had the largest independent online seller of music — CD Baby. Needing a change in his life, Derek sold his company and is now living in New Zealand, in control of his life and his time.

    Read more about Derek here. He prefers email conversations over social media; so if you would like to get to know Derek, email him at derek@sivers.org for any reason.


    In This Interview You’ll Learn:

    • 01.00 – Derek’s mindset that made him able to be a professional musician and his story of how CD Baby became successful
    • 04.07 – Why Derek sold CD Baby and used it as a platform to change his life
    • 06.18 – The significance of social media and the idea of Twitter being a like a microphone on a PA system with an audience of 200,000 people
    • 11.04 – The concept of “Let’s see what happens if…”
    • 14.08 – Derek’s belief that it is more important to know why someone does something, rather than what they do
    • 21.07 – How Derek’s life changed when he stopped doing things to satisfy other peoples’ expectations
    • 24.25 – Derek’s views on the difference between being ‘self-employed’ and a ‘business owner’
    • 27.40 – Why ‘intrinsic motivation’ matters more than instructions
    • 33.00 – The importance of foreign travel for Derek
    • 42.02 – Derek’s mentors
    • 43.38 – Derek’s favorite books, movie and music

    The Journey From Self-Employed To Successful Business Owner – with Derek Sivers from jacob sapochnick on Vimeo.

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