• Instagram Stories: Can This New Feature Be a Valuable Tool?

    Instagram has put a new twist in its features, and it feels a bit “Snapchat-ish”. The concept is similar to that of its fellow technological medium, Snapchat. The basics are that Instagram will compose pics and videos over a 24-hour span to create a “story” – hence the name of this new Instagram feature, Instagram Stories.

    Adding, (or sharing as Instagram refers to it) pics and videos is easy. Usable from generally every phone platform, just a series of clicks and swipes allows users to create their stories deciding what to share, and not to share. Also, like the aforementioned Snapchat, there is a limited time that photos and videos will be displayed. Content used within Instagram Stories expires after a 24-hour period.

    The big difference with Instagram Stories is the multitude of options available. Users have options like pausing or going backward during a story. Other unique features are found in such areas as editing and flexibility of slides. A question that has come out of this new feature now is “Can Instagram Stories become an effective tool for professionals such as attorneys?

    Can Instagram Stories Work For Your Practice?

    Instagram StoriesJust how viable of an option is this new Instagram feature in the marketing efforts for attorneys? This can be determined essentially by evaluating two aspects, the social media channel being used and the relation of that channel to clients and potential clients.

    Reports of approximately a half-billion monthly users are accredited to Instagram, so the reach and influence of Instagram are without much question. The second half of the evaluation is knowing what the target demographic is for  that particular medium, in this case, Instagram. With a nearly 50/50 split between male and female members, 41 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 24 while 90 percent of users are younger than 35 per a recent report.

    Now, returning to the main focal point, can this new ‘Stories’ feature improve an attorney’s marketing strategy? At the very least, with the ages and numbers of individuals reached through Instagram, if this new tool can be crafted and composed in a manner that effectively communicates to a lawyer’s followers and prospective clients on social media then the possibilities are undoubtedly there.

    A Big Audience

    In the end, it’s more of a matter of how attorneys and law firms utilize the abilities to reach people through Instagram than it does the effectiveness of Instagram as a useful and productive tool for firms. With a half-billion users, perhaps it’s too much of a considerable audience to ignore the possibilities.

    What to do with that information, how to use social media networks like Instagram and creating effective and productive messages are in the control of the speaker.  What law firms choose to say and how they say it matters, and so does the way the message gets delivered. If you decide to dip your toe into the waters of the new Stories features on Instagram, be sure to browse through my posts while you’re there! See how I use Instagram in my personal marketing efforts and how you too can improve the reach and recognition of your own practice! Visit San Diego Immigration Lawyer on Instagram HERE.

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