• INFOGRAPHIC: How to Build a Thriving Practice with Social Media


    Many of you may know me as the “Facebook lawyer” since I built my practice with the help from social media, Facebook particularly. A lot of the milestones my firm hit over the years were made happen by our community on Facebook. Therefore, on Enchanting Lawyer’s near one-year anniversary, I present you an infographic as a walk down the memory lane, starting from the 90s when I entered the great state of California, to launching Enchanting Lawyer.

    Looking back, it really hasn’t been that long since I established my own law firm just a decade ago. Amidst all successes and failures, it has always been the support from followers, clients, and my peer that carried me through the ups and downs. Not only does this vivid infographc help you, as a reader, understand my credentials and where I am coming from; it also aids me in organizing my thoughts – so whenever I feel discouraged, I could still remember why I started in the beginning.

    Below you can find the links to everything that is mentioned in this infographic. I would be honored if you chose to connect to me on any of these platforms and reach out to me with any questions:






    jacob sapochnick - infographic 1
    Do you have a similar journey like the one I had? I would love to hear your story! Please free feel to send me an email to jacob@enchantinglawyer.com.



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