• INFOGRAPHIC: African American Lawyers

    “In 1986 Congress passed Public Law 99-244 which designated February 1986 as ‘National Black (Afro-American) History Month.'” – Library of Congress

    Every February, Black History Month calls for an opportunity for us to praise a community that symbolizes courage, perseverance, and bravery, and commemorate its contributions and values. America would not proudly crown itself the most welcoming multicultural society if it were not for the breakthroughs by all the different races, groups, and communities.

    In our “African American Lawyers” infographic, a handful of exemplary men and women in the legal field; shamefully, there is only limited space on an infographic, which cannot truly and elaborately lay out all the identities, spirits, and accomplishments carried out by these movers and shakers. Please join us in appreciating this influential and robust community’s journey and unforgettable achievements that have reinforced the definitions of civil rights and freedom.



    (Click on the infographic to enlarge)

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