• How to Become A Social Media Influencer To Grow Your Law Practice

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word Influencer?

    Do you picture famous celebrities endorsing luxury cars?

    Teenage social media stars wearing way too much makeup?

    Not sure what to picture at all?

    The word influencer gets tossed around a lot today as everyone tries to leverage their social media to grow their businesses and make money. Which is funny because just a few short years ago, that kind of impact and authority was reserved only for celebrities, athletes and royalty.

    But today, with the power of social media, anyone with a compelling message and the right strategies can grow their network, attract more business and become an influencer.

    The question is:

    How do you do it?

    How I Became An Accidental Social Media Influencer

    Just a few short years ago I didn’t even know what a social media influencer was.

    My introduction to the term “Influencer” (and how I eventually became an influencer myself) happened completely by accident.

    As an Immigration Attorney, I work with clients from all over the world who want to come to the United States for various different reasons. Some of them for leisure, marriage, work assignments…

    A few years ago I was contacted by some people looking for immigration help who wanted to come to the United States to work as something called an “Influencer”.

    As an attorney, I hadn’t heard about this new term yet but I was curious to know more.

    Because “Influencer” was still such a new concept up to that point, I was eager to understand the legal implications and how I could support my clients.

    But, eventually, I became curious about the assignments my clients were traveling to the U.S. for and wanted to know how they got paid. It seemed like a great opportunity and like a whole lot of fun.

    So I decided that the best way to learn was to try my hand at becoming one.

    Fast forward to today…

    My Instagram account now has over 214,000 followers. We have 136,676 followers on Facebook and 6,225 subscribers on YouTube.




    I’ve been paid to post my images and endorse brands.

    I have received the verified badge (blue check) next to my name that signifies that I am officially an Influencer on Instagram and I’ve become one of a few attorneys to leverage social media platforms to build my company and combine my passion of immigration law, travel, and business.

    As a result, I’ve been able to make powerful business connections and grow my practice in ways that traditional marketing methods could never do.

    Now I’d like to share with you exactly what I did so you can do it too.

    8 Steps To Build A Successful Social Media Strategy & Stand Out Amongst The Millions Of Other Influencers On Social Media Today

    1) Discover your passion and what makes you different.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I’m an immigration attorney. I specialize in business immigration law. I have owned my own practice based in San Diego for 15 years. Our clients are all over the globe and many times I am required to travel to meet with clients.

    I use my travels as opportunities to document and share my trips with my followers. I started getting many followers who were interested in learning more about immigration law, those seeking assistance and those who love travel.

    It was here that I discovered my passion is what makes me different and attract followers faster.

    No other attorney to my knowledge has been able to leverage their social media to gain influence while also positively impacting the profitability of their business. But I’m telling you it’s possible.

    As you grow your social media account, ask yourself “what makes my account different?”

    2) Make your bio clear — that’s what makes it stand out

    Your bio is your 3-second intro. It’s how people will know if they want to stick around and follow you.

    It should be short, clear, and concise while reflecting your unique personality.

    Mine states where I am from, what my profession is, how people can contact me and I use emojis for esthetic.

    Because you’re allowed one link in your bio, I suggest linking to your business website, blog, a recent interview, or some other content that your audience can learn more about you.

    Bottom line: Make your bio easy to read. Be clear. Let your readers know who you are and why they should stick around.

    3) Show up consistently

    You must show up for your followers.

    This can be done through your posts, stories, or video.

    Just remember, your followers respond to consistency.

    Most followers follow thousands of accounts, which means, if you don’t show up regularly they could miss your posts. However, if you post every day at a certain time then they will know to look for your posts and start watching for them.

    The key with content is to add value to their day and speak directly to your followers.

    On my Facebook account, I host a Facebook LIVE every Wednesday with my managing attorney.

    We answer questions and interact with followers. This has tremendously helped retain and gain new followers while also building important exposure for my practice.

    4) Post appealing content

    Social media is made up of two main components: visuals and text.

    Your visuals need to be attractive and provide a consistent feel.

    Utilize filters and presets for your images. Just don’t overdo it. Filters or presets are a great resource to help you enhance your images while giving your feed a consistent, branded feel. For my Instagram, I use the same preset on all my images.

    Figuring out what to post can be difficult at first, but keep at it. Since I travel, I post what’s around me that I find unique. From an interesting building to street art. To a beautiful landscape or horizon. If you get stumped, you can always ask your followers what they want to see.

    5) Talk about what you know

    Being an expert in your field will give you tremendous credibility with your followers.

    Because my area of practice is immigration law, I try to educate my followers regarding current events while providing my unique perspective on immigration (as opposed to using the regular headlines we’re used to seeing). It’s important for me to give my followers a global view of the world. This is how I differentiate myself from other influencers and keep my audience engaged.

    Think about your area of expertise and what makes your perspective around the topic unique. These are the kinds of things you’ll want to write about in your posts.

    6) Use the right #hashtags

    Hashtags are an organizational tool that allows people to find you and your posts by searching for specific topics using the # symbol.

    Once you find the right hashtags to use, use the same hashtags in all your posts so people can find your content.

    There are two ways to find the right hashtags:

    • Choose hashtags already being used.
    • Create your own.

    When searching for the right hashtags look for ones that are semi-popular but not overused. For example, #travel has 402 million. That’s way too many. I use #peoplewhotravel because it has 14.5 thousand which makes it much easier for my content to be found.

    Why should you create a unique hashtag?

    Starting your own hashtag, on the other hand, establishes your credibility and sets you up as an authority on a specific subject. You’ll be seen as a leader instead of just another follower and can begin to drive people to your content. You’ll see a lot of influencers put their unique hashtags in their bio. You can, as well.

    Just remember, choose a handful of the right hashtags and use them in every post. This makes it easy to categorize your content and for people to find you.

    7) The KEY is to collaborate!

    Collaboration is where you turn your influence into profit.

    It’s also the best way to gain substantial traffic to your accounts.

    When you collaborate with other influencers or businesses, you gain credibility. The more you collaborate the more credibility you’ll get.

    Your goal is to provide your followers with collaborations they’ll want to see and are on brand with you and your business.

    8) Find the RIGHT collaborations

    This is really simple.

    Tag products you like and reach out to the brands you believe in.

    Many companies will “hire” micro influencers (micro influencers have less than 10,000 followers) to showcase their products, but you will never know if you don’t ask.

    On that note, learn how to pitch yourself.

    Know how to present your followers, demographics, and ideas about what you would post so that you know how to make brands and businesses excited to work with you. What’s helped me to land collaborations is to figure out what their products are missing and fill in the gaps with my unique passion and perspective.

    To win over more collaborations practice your pitch and pitch often.

    Do not be afraid to ask for compensation for your time and creative energy. You never know who will say yes!

    Become A Social Media Influencer To Grow Your Law Practice

    Once again, becoming a social media influencer has helped me make incredible business connections.

    I’m growing my company by sharing my passion for immigration law, travel and business.

    Which traditional marketing methods will never be able to do.

    I’d love to hear from you.

    What’s one insight you’re taking with you to apply to your social media strategy? What other influencers and businesses are you going to reach out to collaborate with? Leave a comment below to let me know.

    Right now, we lawyers have a real opportunity to make a bigger impact and grow our practices through social media influence. With the 8 steps above, you have a solid strategy to build your following and become an influencer. Keep up the great work!

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