• How Law Firms Can Use Pinterest for Marketing

    Businesses are moving away from traditional marketing due to its higher costs and lack of ROI, and are increasingly embracing digital marketing. Recent studies have found that  83% of small companies find digital marketing useful to help market their company. Most companies are creating an online presence through their websites and also signing up on social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest to reach their customer audiences. 

    Facebook has been a primary location for many law firms to be on social media and rightly so due to its use and demographics.  However, savvy law firms can take advantage of the features and traffic on Pinterest to potentially skyrocket their traffic and leads.  Pinterest is increasingly being used and trusted by businesses to market products and services, and law firms, too, can benefit from the opportunities that Pinterest offers.

    How law firms can use pinterest stats

    Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Use Pinterest to Market Legal Services

    1. Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine with Higher Traffic 

    Pinterest is an established social media platform that boasts over 300 million monthly active users. It has one of the highest rates of driving traffic to a website of any social media platform and has one of the most loyal user bases. 

    By having an active presence on Pinterest your law firm has an opportunity to be found, be followed, and it gives you an excellent opportunity to build traffic to your website. Together this gives your firm exposure to a unique audience that is very strong in the professional women demographic.

    2. A Higher Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate on Pinterest is higher than on other social media platforms meaning that it drives more actions and business than others. Keys to help this are that you have an appealing image to pin (vertical rather than horizontal) and attention grabbing captions on your Pin text.  When this is done, users will be interested in following you, repinning (sharing) your content and learning more about your services. Pinterest also has ad optimization tools that you can use to your advantage. The platform reduces the steps from the discovery of a product or services to conversion. This makes it the social media platform that convert leads the fastest. 

    3. Better User Engagement

    The more you can engage your audience, the better your opportunities on Pinterest. While there are several social media platforms you can use to engage your customers, Pinterest is a strong pick. The number one reason is that the process is simplified, unlike on other platforms where the audience has to follow you first.

    On Pinterest, users are able to see your pins easily and find your pins via keyword searches. As well, sharing content is easier and faster. 

    Now, let’s dive into key ways to use Pinterest for your law firm.

    How to use Pinterest to market your law firm

    • Create a well laid out Business Profile

    First step is to create a business account on Pinterest.  The setup is quick and easy (business account setup), and then the key is filling out your profile thoroughly and creating a number of Boards.

    Pinterest for law firms

    • Use Group Boards to Make Your Pins Seen

    A great way for a law firm to get an audience is by participating in group board. By joining a board group, you benefit from the group collaboration and shared pinning, and as a result, create greater brand awareness. The owners of the boards require the members to post quality content, which results in the board being top-ranked. This is an advantage for the members of the board.  Plus, you can get more exposure via the audiences of the other group members.

    For example, I am a member of a number of social media group boards.  By sharing pins related to social media marketing for law firms there I add value to the boards and also benefit from some of the other social media group members whose audiences look at the boards and then follow my profile.

    Pinterest for law firms

    • Include CTAs

    Calls to action (CTAs) are the answer to a high conversion rate. If you want the audience to approach you for legal services, you have to invite them. Including a call-to-action in your pin description will earn you more clicks, leads, and a higher conversion rate. The call-to-action can feature an offer of some sort to get more people interested.

    • Schedule Your Pins

    To get the best results from your social media marketing campaigns, you should be consistent in regular pinning but also in the timing of pinning. This, however, may be tedious if you are running a busy law firm. You can use scheduling tools to help you upload content at the time that your audience is most active during the afternoon or evenings. Scheduling your pins ensures that your pins are performing even when you are busy.  There are also powerful automation tools like PinMeApp which can help you power your Pinterest marketing more easily.

    In short, Social media is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Pinterest is one you may not have thought of but hopefully you now see the power of this visual search engine!  Pinterest connects you with a unique demographic, which is 83% made of women. The conversion rate is higher than other social media platforms, and by using group boards, calls-to-action, and scheduling your pins, you can attract more clients to your law firm.


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