• What Does Facebook Page Verification Mean For Your Law Firm?

    Facebook Page Verifciation
    The Facebook page for my law firm is now a verified page, complete with the blue badge next to my page’s name. Big deal. Is it?

    A Layer of Facebook Page Verification 

    According to Facebook, they verify profiles and Pages to help you make sure people and businesses are really who they claim to be. Ever since they introduced this layer of authentication in 2013, they have been verifying celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses that have large audiences.

    Not Everyone Can Be Verified

    The social network, however, said that “not all authentic profiles and Pages are verified and that you can’t request to have your profile of Page verified.” The verification process is automatic and initiated only by Facebook. Basically, you are at their mercy just in case you badly want that blue bad next to your page’s name. They have their own criteria for selecting who to verify. They have not shared that secret sauce yet.

    Benefits of Having a Verified Profile or Page

    The good thing about having a verified profile or Page is that you will appear more frequently in the “people to subscribe to” suggestion list. Celebrities may also use their nicknames instead of their birth names. Most important is that it helps protect your brand against impostors online.

    Facebook Page Verifciation

    The Key to Getting Verified

    So, how do you get verified? The key is to build relationship with your followers by putting up content that would be beneficial to them and by regularly engaging with them. Create content that would inspire your followers to share to their Facebook friends. Remember always that your followers serve as the wall your community. When you ask them to open and share what you put up on your Page, your wall and circle of followers become bigger. It is also crucial that you follow up on your posts. This would mean engaging your followers to conversations that would be beneficial to them. If they ask a question, answer them. If they add value to your post, appreciate them. Feed your community.

    It All Depends On Facebook

    Remember, there is no way to push Facebook to verify your profile or Page. It will happen when they feel that it is best for you to have that blue badge. It is also important to take note that having a verified profile or Page will not make you an overnight social media success. It will not ensure that others cannot create duplicate Pages or pretend that they are you. At least you have the weapon as a verified Page to push the buttons for Facebook to delete those that are pretending to be you. It may be easier for people to find you having a verified profile or Page but it will not guarantee more reach and more followers. You need to do a lot of work still to nurture your community of followers.

    If some social media practitioner gives you an assurance that he can have your profile or Page verified, he must be taking you for a ride or knows someone inside Facebook who can manually verify for you (which I highly doubt they will do). You may also email them but if they see that your Page is not ready for verification, you will still not get that blue badge.


    All Is Not Lost

    Don’t fret. Not having that verified page status does not mean that a page is not authentic. To show authenticity, Facebook suggests that you link your Facebook profile or Page from your official website. It also helps that the About section of your profile or Page is complete. Add descriptions and use keywords that best represent your business. For businesses, make sure to add email address, business addresses and other pertinent information.

    In short, just continue building your profile or Page. Patience is a virtue.Have you completed your Facebook Page Verification yet?

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