• Facebook Mentions: A New Way to Captivate Your Audience!

    Facebook Mentions

    Facebook Mentions is the IOS app that was launched by Facebook Creative Labs in July of 2014. It was designed to give those with a verified Facebook page the opportunity to connect and interact with their followers more easily. By downloading the app, notable public figures such as celebrities, politicians, athletes and the like can quickly see and respond to posts that mention them in it. It must be noted, however, that to ensure the exclusivity of interaction between the public figure and their fanbase, this app is only available to those with verified Facebook pages.

    What is a Verified Facebook Page?

    Verification can take your current Facebook page to the next level of branding, but it is not available to just anyone. Only high-profile influencers such as celebrities, public figures, sports teams, entertainment, and media can submit a request for a verified page. This feature helps individuals and organizations build their brand and reputation to gain a larger following. Subscribers know that they are looking at your personal and correct Facebook page, and you will not lose those followers to other copycat, or fake pages. The best way to show your readers that your page is actually you is by requesting a verified page.

    Who is Eligible for a Verified Page?

    According to Facebook, most pages and profiles, including local business are not eligible for a verified Facebook page. Only the above-mentioned individuals and organizations are eligible to apply for a verified page. Facebook decides at its own discretion which applications are deemed worthy enough for verification. For example, the mom and pop restaurant down the road from you may have the most delicious Italian dishes in town but probably isn’t eligible for a verified Facebook page. A well-known actor such as Tom Hanks, however, would have zero problems getting his Facebook page verified. Even though ‘likes’ and mentions on a business’s Facebook page can gain notoriety and build a brand, it is very difficult for a small business owner to receive verification without somewhat of a celebrity status.

    Facebook Mentions is the Easiest Way to Manage Your Verified Page

    Sunday stream from sunny San Diego…with a special guest

    Posted by San Diego Immigration Lawyer, Jacob J. Sapochnick on Sunday, August 9, 2015

    By downloading and logging into the app with a “Verified” account, it helps verified users and account admin create new posts, quickly see a timeline of posts that mention their name in them, respond back to them in real time if they so wish, and see trending topics about them as well. Verified users can join in on the hot topics of conversation, and they can even host live Q&A sessions to make the interaction between the public figure and their followers even more personalized.

    Build that Brand like an All-Star with Mentions

    If you were able to obtain a verified Facebook page, congratulations! You have increased your brand recognition exponentially, and now it’s time to extend your reach even further. Use Mentions on your page to your advantage by engaging in popular conversation and interact with your loyal followers. You can’t build your brand without an audience. By connecting on an even more personal level with those who mention you in posts or ‘like’ your Facebook page, the sky is the limit for your social media marketing strategies. Show your fans how much you care by providing them with real-time responses, video, and updates that will interest them even more in your brand.


    First live video broadcast !! #sandiegoimmigrationlawyer #sapochnickjacob #lawyerstream

    Posted by San Diego Immigration Lawyer, Jacob J. Sapochnick on Thursday, August 6, 2015

    Due to my incredibly faithful clientele, I am very humbled to announce that my San Diego Immigration Lawyer Facebook page has become the first verified page to have Facebook mentions available! I can’t thank enough those who have consistently followed me throughout the years and helped me to grow my brand so that I can help even more people with their legal and marketing strategies. It may take a significant amount of time to expand the reach of your particular firm, however with enough traffic through your social media marketing and a devotion to growth, you too can get a verified Facebook page and begin captivating your audience through mentions and enchanting interaction!

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