• EL 012: Facebook Marketing Exposé – with Mike Gingrich

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    Mike Gingrich reveals the true objectives behind businesses using Facebook marketing strategies, ranging from how to get more fans, how its recent Page changes are a glimpse of the future potentials, Facebook tabs and contests, to video marketing. Learn about the absolute fundamental AND more advanced concepts you have to grasp to win the social media battle in 2014.  Before you intend to convert your fans to leads, you have to understand and nurture them along.

    Mike Gingrich’s bio from mikegingerich.com. You can connect with him on his personal Facebook page, TabSite, or TabSite’s Facebook page.


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    From a digital marketing standpoint, Gingrich talks traction and engagement strategies, “Every major demographic is represented.” Therefore, businesses need to invest time in Facebook to talk to their customers. When asked about the key to getting more fans on Facebook, the best social networks to look out for, and best social strategy for businesses, Gingrich lists the questions businesses need to ask themselves beforehand, such as:

    – Who is your target audience is;

    – What are your audiences’ age, languages preferred, and interests;

    – When are they posting.

    Remember: Facebook fans either want to be entertained or have their problems solved.

    After doing a roundup of Facebook’s current updates and Page changes and their potential, Gingrich reiterates the necessity of including visuals in blogs to benefit cross marketing on Facebook. On why businesses should initiate Facebook contests, Gingrich explains they are an approach of promotion to reach more people, to incentivize people to interact, and how traction and lead capture can be achieved simultaneously. More importantly, how the above is done via video marketing.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 1’04 You learn about Mike and how he started in the business
    • 2’00 How Mike sees Facebook as a marketing tool: the key focuses and the future
    • 8’25 Mike’s recommendation on how to get more Facebook fans
    • 10’11 The two great potentials Facebook has for businesses
    • 12’29 Mike’s take on posting with visuals and the dimensions
    • 15’37 Mike explains Facebook tabs extensively, “Sweepstakes Plus”
    • 18’15 The advantages to doing Facebook contests
    • 21’22 Video marketing and apps
    • 24’44 Mike talks about their app “Website ReSizer”
    • 27’03 Facebook strategizing
    • 29’16 Google+’s value
    • 31’16 Tips
    • 33’16 Mike’s recent favorite book

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Mike Gingrich (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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