• Facebook Groups for Your Law Practice

    Since the inception of Facebook, the social media network has grown to encompass more than one billion users with an infinite ability for shares through other social media platforms. Businesses have the opportunity to create free web pages, create innovative marketing strategies and promotions, and define and join varying groups to showcase their expertise and skillset. Before you take on the world of Facebook for business, we want you to know what a Facebook group is, why it’s essential to modern law practices, and a few reasons these groups will define your firm.

    What Is a Facebook Group?

    A Facebook group is similar to a Facebook page for a given grouping of individuals. However, page administrators, such as those in small business organizations, can also join a Facebook group. The best way to understand a Facebook group is to compare it to a typical law office. Facebook pages are the outside window to the world. Facebook groups would be comparable to a digital conference room within the office. Facebook groups may be created for any reason and in an infinite number of styles.

    For example, you may create a Facebook group for training purposes for your employees, another group for your clients concerns and feedback, and a third group for your educational events. Depending on your products or services, you could even use your Facebook group as a means of communication between employees in the field.

    Why Are Facebook Groups Critical to Success?

    When creating a Facebook group, you have the option of setting the access levels to the group. These levels include an all-inclusive environment, limited access, or administrative access to the group page. Ultimately, Facebook groups give you the power of Skype, Twitter, Google Plus, and VoIP systems without the hassle of purchasing multiple subscriptions, tracking dozens of passwords and webinar IDs, and trying to ensure access to your employees, clients, and stakeholders. Now, let’s take a look into the top three ways a Facebook group will enhance your practice.

    3 Key Ways Facebook Groups Will Help You.

    Improve Your Marketing Campaigns:

    Advertising through traditional media is expensive; however, social media advertising is extremely cost-effective and available through nearly any type of media device. For example, users may visit your Facebook page on a tablet, smartphone, smart TV, computer, or other internet-connected devices. When you post promotional information on your Facebook group, you are providing information to people who have shown a direct interest in your products. Alternatively, you could link your Facebook business page to your Facebook group. This will ensure your clients and employees are completely aware of what you’re offering or requesting.

    Improved Communication in Your Practice.

    We have heard of employees and clients communicating through email and phone. However, Facebook groups provide a means of achieving both of these tasks without switching between systems. This an especially important consideration for businesses using VoIP services. Facebook groups can serve as the connection point for establishing a call between employee and client for complaints, information about your services, and following up on questions. Furthermore, Facebook groups can be an excellent resource for collecting, publishing, and sharing training videos for your staff and customers. If your practice partners with other practices, a Facebook group can also be the perfect area for sharing information and keeping all business partners in sync.

    Demonstrate Your Expertise and Skill.

    Regardless of the age of your practice, we believe all businesses need to be seen as leaders in their unique fields. Facebook groups are the perfect arena for showcasing your talents. You can share direct links to your blog posts and videos through Facebook groups and teach your customers new, exciting ways to use your products.

    Facebook groups are an amazing means of growing your practice and improving your relationships with your employees, other businesses, and your clients. Have Facebook groups improved your ability to communicate with fellow team members and/or lawyers in your field? We’d love to hear your feedback! Please share your personal experiences with Facebook groups below. Thank you for reading. Until next time stay enchanting!

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