• Facebook and Website Custom Audiences: Laser Targeting Your Online Audience

    Have you noticed the increase in advertising showing up on your Facebook page? As a user, the bad news is “there’s more advertising on my Facebook page!” If you pay attention however, these Facebook ads may “seem” to be targeted to you in some way. That is actually good news. As an attorney marketing your services, you want to get your messages to a specific audience. Facebook now gives you tools to laser focus on that specific audience. Facebook marketing is getting a lot smarter and that’s a plus for attorneys in all areas of specialties.


    Facebook’s Access to Big Data on Users

    First, you should recognize the amount of data their users voluntarily add to their database. Users enter birthdates, friends, marital status, locations of posts, and timelines. They add photos and tag their friends in them. They “like” posts and they like users. Facebook has been drawing lines between these users and their consumer habits. They are now making all of that (Ok, MUCH of that) information to you as an online marketer.

    Website Custom Audiences

    WCA is a chance to market to people who you have included in your Power Editor as clients via their email addresses, Facebook User ID’, or even phone numbers. It also makes it possible to market to people who have visited your page. Think about this for a moment because it is a game changer. You can market to someone who has visited your page, even IF they have only viewed it.

    This is superior to FBX for it doesn’t take a third party (read: add expense) and it gives you much better control over your marketing.


    There’s Even More Good News!

    There is a new feature Facebook has been touting and it has just been announced. That feature is called “Lookalike Audiences”.

    So, Facebook gives you the ability to market to current customers, people who have liked your page and even people who have visited your page. Now you can ask Facebook to create “lookalike” users. They social media giant can then delve into their seemingly unlimited database of user information to create “lookalikes” to those already in your personal list.


    This can be huge for lawyers who feel they have exhausted their ability to get “likes” or add to their online marketing lists. Facebook will simply use your data and that of your current list, and send your message to similar users. You then just need to create an appropriate message dependent on what specific action you wish them to take.

    Imagine a message that says “Representing Women in Divorces since 1999”, or “Immigration Attorneys Seeking Justice”. This can be a powerful tool in attorney marketing.

    So What Do You Do?

    If you haven’t created a Website Custom Audience, do so through the Power Editor and the Facebook API. When you are in the API, click on “Audiences” and then “Create Similar Audience”. Experiment with different options. Like any of your marketing efforts, use your experience to find out what works best.


    These new Facebook features allow you to laser focus not only on your current list, but gives you the chance to expand on that list judiciously. You can increase your odds of success with your online marketing efforts with these tools.

    We have entered that new promised age of laser-like marketing and now is the time to get aboard.

    If you have any questions, please contact me. Facebook is making it possible to not only target your audience but also one that mimics their behavior. It is pretty powerful stuff and you will want to be a part of it.

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