• How Facebook Ads Can Boost Your Business

    Social media marketing is not a new idea for law firms, yet many firms are not effectively tapping into one of the most effective social media platforms – Facebook. Law firms have inundated LinkedIn, while ignoring the options available to them on the social media site. When used properly Facebook can be an effective marketing tool for law firms.


    Retailers across the country know this, and most major retailers use Facebook advertising quite effectively. Yet this marketing venue is not one that is limited to retailers. Businesses of all types, including law firms, can benefit from the power of this social media platform, if they launch and maintain their Facebook ads successfully.

    Here at the Law Firm of Jacob Sapochinick, we have learned what works in the world of Facebook advertising. Our firm launched its professional Facebook presence in 2010. Since that time, the firm’s fan base has grown to over 97,200 people. Using Facebook advertising, the social media attorney and we generate a minimum of $5,000 to $6,000 each month in revenue. To achieve this type of success with Facebook marketing, you have to start the right way. First, we will look at how to get started on the right foot.

    Starting a Facebook Presence

    The first step in this process is to create a Facebook presence. You have to have something to promote with your ads. Your Facebook presence needs to accurately reflect the level of professionalism your firm offers, point to your website and provide your contact information. The good news is that this is a completely free way to start your Facebook marketing strategy.

    Promote Your Facebook Page

    After creating our Facebook fan page, we had to get the word out about it to grow likes organically. The Facebook link was printed on all of the firm’s business cards, with QR code, and on the letterhead and also on the office’s entry door. This strategy grew the page to 10,000 organic likes quickly, at which point we started looking into Facebook ads.

    Not all firms can grow organic likes effectively in this way. If a firm is struggling to gain likes, then “Like Ads” can be an effective form of advertising. These ads are some of Facebook’s most affordable, and they will be displayed to friends of the page’s existing fans, encouraging them to also “like” the page. This means a greater chance of reaching the target demographic, which is people who can actually use the firm’s services.

    Create Engagement

    Increasing engagement with existing fans is another way to gain more fans. If your site’s fans are engaged, commenting and sharing your posts, their friends will be attracted to your page, because your page will show up in their news feeds with your fans are commenting or sharing. We will look at the “how” of engagement in a later post.

    Optimize the Facebook Page

    People who are looking for the type of legal services your firm use will use Google to find a lawyer. You can increase their chances of finding you by optimizing your Facebook page. Under the “info” tab you can add keyword-optimized text to increase your results in the search engine queries. If both your Facebook page and your firm’s website rank well, you will get even greater online results.

    When marketing lawyer services or a law firm, Facebook is a powerful tool, if it is used correctly. It all starts with building and promoting your page well, then turning to Facebook ads to promote it, and your firm. With the right foundation in place, your ads are going to be even more effective.

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