• EL 006: Explaining Social Media and It’s Value to All Businesses – with Mark Schaefer

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    Mark Schaefer is an acclaimed and accomplished marketing consultant and author. His new book — “Social Media Explained”, is aimed at helping successful business people understand the world of social media and what it can do for their businesses. Through his work as a marketing consultant, Mark found that he was always coming across the same issues with regards to social media, and so he launched his new book explaining the value of having a strong online presence now and in the future.


    To learn more about Mark Schaefer, visit http://www.businessesgrow.com/us/.

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    Literally, I could not have asked for a better podcast guest. Not only did Mark show high priority and respect of whatever I do by choosing to announce the release of his latest masterpiece on my show, exclusively, which took me by a pleasant surprise; and then he invited me to connect after the show! I am sure he does countless interviews, speeches, and presentations on a daily basis, but the level of enthusiasm and delightfulness he demonstrates is something we can all learn from. He made me feel special.

    The never-seen-before social media book “Social Media Explained” is tailored for mystified business people who would like to understand social media in one hour for them to utilize it comfortably and confidently. As a businessman himself, Mark for sure knows how hectic it can all get – now with the social media strategizing thrown in the ring as well. Why is this book worth purchasing over the other one thousand social media books? Because it’s SHORT and DIRECT; and of the utmost importance, it only presents ONE actionable idea that can be digested in one sitting.

    When asked about measuring the ROI of social media, Mark pointed out, “As business leaders, we have to acknowledge qualitative benefits as well as quantitative benefits.”

    In This Interview You’ll Learn:

    • 00.58 – Why Mark decided to write his new book
    • 04.35 – The value of social media in qualitative and quantitative  measures
    • 07.36 – Using social media to build relationships and why this is important
    • 11.10 – Why we cannot ignore social media
    • 14.58 – How to make content work for your business
    • 25.15 – The difference between authority and influence
    • 26.56 – The rise of mobile internet and how this is effecting online marketing
    • 30.25 – Where to start with social media
    • 35.38 – Mark’s book and movie recommendations

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Mark (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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