• The Expert Lies in the Facebook Patent

    The Facebook Patent

    With the increasing importance of social media for marketing purposes, Facebook has given attorneys a great way to get noticed. The social media giant was recently granted a patent for “identifying experts and influencers,” which it will then use to determine whose insight and expert advice ends up in Facebook news feeds. Those who are deemed worthy will have a much better chance of being noticed by prospective clients, while those who aren’t ranked among the experts and influencers will have to try even harder to make their presence known on the site. Let’s take a closer look at how this new patent works and what it means for those of us in the legal field that use social media for marketing.

    As seen on www.adweek.com
    As seen on www.adweek.com


    How It Works
    Facebook’s patent involves going through several steps to decide whether users should be considered experts or influencers. In a nutshell, Facebook looks at posts or content that has a high number of shares on the site and awards the “influencer” label to those who are responsible for sharing it the most. The person or business that originally wrote the post or content is awarded the “expert” label. Keep in mind that the number of followers or “likes” a person or business has isn’t factored into this process. That levels the playing field for those who don’t have a high number of followers but do post or share high quality, informative content that Facebook users connect with.

    How It Benefits Experts and Influencers
    After this new process identifies experts and influencers, they’ll start appearing in news feeds on the site. For those who are actively trying to boost their social media presence, this gives them a chance to be noticed by a large number of Facebook users. Being labeled an “expert” can improve their reputation, help them gain a larger number of followers and bring in additional potential clients. Being labeled an “influencer” indicates to other users that they can rely on this person or business to share relevant, informative content on certain topics.

    Benefits for Attorneys
    The potential benefits offered by this new Facebook patent extend to attorneys. Getting the “expert” or “influencer” label means that your professional Facebook page will show up in more news feeds, automatically expanding your brand’s reach. Users who might need legal services don’t have to go searching for an attorney because your name will be right there in front of them. When they click on your page or the content you’ve written or shared, they’ll get a sense of what you’re offering. When you have the “expert” or “influencer” label, they’ll already know that they’re dealing with a highly experienced attorney who can provide them with excellent legal advice.

    Next Steps
    How can attorneys use this new Facebook patent to our advantage? As always, posting high-quality content about relevant legal matters is the key to getting noticed. People searching for information on legal topics will come across your content and might be compelled to share it with others on Facebook. Remember, the more times a user shares it, the more likely they’ll be labeled an “influencer.” If that happens, you get the benefit of being labeled an “expert.” You can also make use of this new patent by getting the “influencer” label, which you can do by sharing content posted by others.

    Is a new law in your area of practice going into effect? Share info on it posted by government pages, the American Bar Association or other legal associations. Is it something that will get prospective clients talking or give them a reason to seek out your services? Share it with your followers, and you could be on your way to being recognized as an influencer, giving you more opportunities to pop up in Facebook news feeds and be noticed by potential clients. Do you follow any influencers? Share with us in the comments below.  In the meantime, stay enchanting!


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