• What is Your Email ROI? 20 Tips to Better Click Thru Rates

    Email Marketing is a great way to have your practice stay top of mind to your clients and prospects. It is cost effective, easy to use and has great analytic tools to monitor your progress. There are many factors that go into an effective email marketing campaign, content, subject lines, open rates and more. Typical open rates are anywhere from 18-25% while an open rate is an important statistic sometimes the click thru rate is often overlooked.

    The click thru rate is one of the most valuable intel you can collect from your email campaign. Why? It shows you exactly what your audience is interested in. Are your open rates below 10%? If so, I created a list of 20 tips that I use to maximize my email click thru’s. Check them out below:

    1. Check your email list. Your click through rates will be low if your list is outdated.
    2. Only send an email when you truly have something interesting to offer. Low click through rates can be a sign of over-emailing.
    3. Use content and graphics that invite the reader to click through. Give them easy access to take the next step.
    4. Make sure your email is optimized for the mobile reader. More and more people are checking their email through a mobile device. Make sure it is designed for them.
    5. Time your emails properly. Late in the week (Friday) is a better day than Monday.
    6. Give your readers an opportunity to “share” your email, or at the very least ask them to.
    7. Use copy that is brief and is point blank about asking for a click through.
    8. Use a great subject line to make sure they take that first step to open your email.
    9. Segment your list into more specific categories. This will allow you to better target your email list.
    10. Once your list is segmented, target each specific segment with appropriate copy and call to actions.
    11. Keep the focus of your email a click through. Don’t get readers distracted with “friending” you or by visiting your website.
    12. Include a final “P.S.” at the end giving them one more chance at the click through, with a good call to action.
    13. Have a sense of urgency about your email, giving readers a limited amount of time to act.
    14. Create content that is timely. Reference something in the news or in entertainment that the reader knows is current.
    15. Ask for the click through early and often.
    16. Request your click through using different phrases throughout your email
    17. Make sure you include a benefit with your request for a click through.
    18. Convey to the reader how “easy” or “simple” it is to click through.
    19. View your emails with graphics enabled and disabled. Make sure you see what they will see.
    20. Link your text as well as the graphics.

    By following some of these simple steps, you can improve your email click thru rates. I would love to hear about what you are doing for email marketing in your practice. Share below what tricks and tips you have found to be success for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, staying enchanting.

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