• Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Law Practice

    Some would have you believe that email and email marketing is an out-of-date way to market. They would push social media usage over email when it comes to online marketing, and that is just simply not a wise move. The reality is that social media can enhance and amplify your email contacts to build even closer one-to-one business relationships. Online tools should work together to help you build your brand and your business. Email is your best, direct line of communication for your practice.


    Email as a tool for marketing and how it can add value to your business.

    • Email is still the preferred choice for communication. It is fast, easy, trackable and perhaps best of all; it is extremely cost-effective. Think how often you check email yourself. People are more likely to provide an email address before a phone number or address.
    • Email is mobile friendly. As people become more attached to being connected, email is an important link in that connectivity. The knowledge that much of your reading audience is now mobile can help make your emails even more effective. More than 50% of email is viewed on a mobile phone.
    • Email is versatile. You can create separate lists for people as they move through your marketing funnel. If you choose, you may even develop separate content for people as they progress through your conversion process. It is important to manage those lists properly.
    • Email keeps you in front of your prospects and clients. It gives you direct access to their inboxes.
    • Today’s email software programs allow you brand your business as one that is professional through good-looking graphics. Email service providers allow you to create professional, well-branded templates for your practice.
    • Email today can greatly help your organic SEO efforts by adding clickable links into your emails.
    • Email allows you to control the conversation and to influence what is important to discuss.
    • Email can help you promote yourself, introduce a product, offer a special, and communicate value added information. It can help conduct surveys and test reactions.
    • It is critical to know what interests your audience. Email gives you the ability to see that through their reactions, open rates, and clicks. This gives you the opportunity to mold campaigns and make adjustments in real-time. This makes email a perfect marketing vehicle for a wide-range of products and services.

    Of course, you always want to follow proper email etiquette and good business guidelines. Permission is a key ingredient to email success. Always ask for permission when building your email list. A great way to build your list if through offering ebooks, downloads of checklists, on your website, and on your social media channels to name a few.


    If you are struggling with your email marketing, or perhaps may have abandoned it a bit too soon, it may be time to revisit. Email is a powerful communication tool. Have you created email campaigns for your practice? What has worked or may not have worked? Share with me in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Until next time, Be Enchanting!

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