• EL110: Why you shouldn’t go to Law School: An Interview with LSAT Master, Nathan Fox


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    “Law school is going to cost $150,000 in a lot of cases, and so if you can get 5 or 10 more points on your LSAT, and end up getting a scholarship that saves you $100,000 or more, that’s a pretty good ROI”– Nathan Fox

    We often make decisions about our future without really knowing what is involved. This is certainly often the case for people who want to be lawyers. The LSAT itself requires hard work and dedication – traits which are important for lawyers to possess, as well as the mental ability to pass, and this is why it is such a good indicator or a person’s suitability for law school. Having decided that being a lawyer wasn’t for him, Nathan Fox set up his company Fox LSAT to help people understand whether law school is for them, and help them to pass their LSAT. Today Jacob talks to Nathan about the LSAT and what skills and traits are needed to become a lawyer.


    “Lawyers are gladiators that use the English language as their weapon”– Nathan Fox

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    Nathan Fox believes that the LSAT is more than just a test. It is a great indicator of whether you really are suitable to study law and become a lawyer. Nathan is the founder of Fox LSAT, a company which helps students in their preparation of the LSAT, but along with the actual preparation, he also helps students understand what being a lawyer is really like. In today’s show, Jacob chats to Nathan about why Nathan decided not to be a lawyer, the LSAT itself and how he helps people to pass it.

    If you prefer to watch my interview with Nathan Fox (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 02’30” – About the LSAT
    • 07’36” – Why Nathan really believes in the LSAT
    • 13’55” – Why Nathan isn’t a lawyer
    • 18’03” – The unglamorous side of being a lawyer
    • 20’23” – About Nathan’s Fox LSAT business
    • 24’10” – Nathan’s favourite LSAT games
    • 28’16” – The most common mistake made by people when taking the LSAT

    Written Podcast Transcript:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. Some of them legal professionals, others are not. We share their work with us. We get inspired. Every episode we learn something new.

    Today, I have an interesting guest from San Francisco. His name is Nathan Fox. He is, I believe, one of the few experts that actually understand the LSAT test, whatever is involved: passing it, taking it. He believes that this test is actually easy and it’s his mission in life to help students to see it that way as well.

    He personally scored 179 on his own test. I think 180 is actually the perfect score. He taught LSAT full-time since 2007. Founded Fox LSAT in 2009. Nathan is an acclaimed author of six LSAT books, creator of the Fox Online LSAT Course. He has his own podcast, the Thinking LSAT podcast.

    He graduated from law school, UC Hastings, in 2011. But like many other law school students, he does not use his degree. He’s not an attorney. He continuously challenges his students to think deeply about whether law school is worth their three years of their life.

    Nathan, I’m super excited to have you on the show. Welcome. How are you doing today?

    Nathan:  Oh, I’m great. I’m actually in Los Angeles. I’m splitting time now between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles as always.

    Jacob:  On the show I speak to attorneys and non-attorneys. I had a lot of law students and potential people want to go to law school who listen to the show. We had a few people who talk about law school over the episodes. But I never touched about the actual prep work that is required to do this.

    First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. I shared a few but if you want to add some to that I didn’t mention. And then let’s kind of explain what an LSAT is and why is it important to pass this test.

    Nathan:  Yeah. I think you did a great job with the bio. I don’t really know that I have anything I need to add to that but I’m happy to talk about the test.

    LSAT is offered four times a year and it takes a typical student two or three months to fully prepare for the test. Some students will study for a lot longer than that — six months or even a year or sometimes longer. The reason why they study so long for it is because it’s the primary determine of law school admissions and also law school scholarships.

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    Show Notes

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